Pioneer Community Discussion - Last time you talked to a user?
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The closer you are to your users, the better you'll fare. You'll only know what they need and how well you're solving that need by talking to them directly.

So: when was the last time you spoke with a user? And how did it go? (Bonus points if this was a paying user.)

Gabi · 112d ago

We speak to users (kids) and customers (parents) daily.

At the beginning of Aug I was pretty sad to have one of our first customers (LTV so far 3 months) let us know that they would not be renewing their membership. The kid had moved schools and would be trying the coding programme at school...

Today they just signed up again for Mindjoy!

Talking to customers matters! · 111d ago

That's awesome Gabi! Love the new landing page. Those are some awesome and authentic videos of kids thoroughly enjoying learning. Very impressive!

sole-fields · 112d ago

Huge! Awesome.

maximilianconrad · 113d ago

We make sure to talk to 3 existing clients (B2B) in a week in a 4 week iterative process and from November on our goal is to talk to at least 5 potential clients additionally to our existing clients in a week.

Sal · 111d ago


estebanvargas · 115d ago

Yesterday. I want to add that he was the one who reached out to us. We should've reached out before.

sole-fields · 114d ago

How'd it go?

kendsouza · 115d ago

| The closer you are to your users, the better you'll fare. |


Since we signed a contract with a school district(with 180+ PTOs) in June for RunPTO and as the deployment of RunPTO licenses is spread out over the school year, the interaction with paying subscribers is every week either via zoom, phone or email. We are also interacting with trial and paying customers who are signing up from all over the US now. Good user talk & good feedback every week from trial/paying users is leading to lots of improvements and better RunPTO features .... and hopefully will lead to more subscribers by word of mouth. It is still all organic. If this momentum continues..we hope to bag atleast 1000 subscribers for RunPTO by Dec 2022 for 300k+ ARR.

manojranaweera · 115d ago

Speak to our Volunteers at every day. In fact, I had a rare occasion do some deep thinking today

In terms of paying users, Wednesday was the most recent. Paying users will become the priority in September, but not yet.

barryvopnu · 115d ago

Left thank you cards with two paid users this week.

They were very impressed with the customer service and I got some feedbacks on how they are interacting with our platform.

Updating the ux/ui to make it easy for customers to order from multiple stores and search for products

sole-fields · 115d ago

Fantastic. Love the thank you cards. Anything one can do to break through the anonymity and swamp of the internet is massively high value.

Miriam_Dorsett · 111d ago

I speak to them daily. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes they do not reply. Most times they do not reply actually.

coryz · 111d ago

Hmm -- what reach out copy are you using? Would be glad to workshop it here.

Miriam_Dorsett · 102d ago

Because it is a text messaging platform, the conversation varies. But I TRULY appreciate the willingness to workshop. If they don't reply it is likely because they are busy, or it the message is not relevant.

oras · 114d ago

- Paying user.
4 days ago, they asked me for a specific feature and I finished it yesterday.
- Potential.

McKayla-Berry · 112d ago

What'd they say when you showed the paying user the new feature?

NFT-gal · 115d ago

I invited a bunch of users into a Discord today... an experiment in having them talk to each other, in addition to talking to us. A many-to-many, as opposed to one-to-many. Not as high immediate activity than I would've wanted, but still some action and a good starting point. Once we get 20+ people in there, I think it'll gain momentum.

Gabi · 112d ago

curious to know how this is going for you?

NFT-gal · 112d ago

Better than I hoped!! :) Decent amount of activity and a lot of love for what we're doing. It's also rocket fuel for the engineer I work with.