What secret weapon do you have that made you 10x more effective than you use to be?
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Mindsets, approaches, processes, routines, apps and tools.

What new found thing have you acquired that changed the game for you, and that could greatly benefit other founders out there?

Eric_Roseman · 208d ago

Taking a break mid-day to do an hour workout is a massive productivity hack for me. I get back to work after that post-workout shower and it feels like a whole new day (you can accomplish two days in one).

leandermaerkisch · 209d ago

Taking deep breaks during the week and on the weekend is a huge boost for my long-term productivity. Netflix is not relaxing. You've probably heard it a thousand times, but meditation, walking outside, and exercising is really helpful!

donychristie · 208d ago

I memed someone else into doing a dopamine detox weekend the past couple weeks, and they say they get benefit out of passively watching TV (it's nonconceptual). Could work! I'd like to try (when life lets me) to make Saturdays a read-or-video-game-only day.

jamestitchener · 208d ago

Ditto this. The Waking Up app is a great way to get started with meditation if you're new: https://www.wakingup.com/

Unfair.ltd · 207d ago

1. deep sleep -> I aim for 7.5 hours of sleep, but if I get 2hrs of deep sleep during a 6hr sleep period, I feel great
2. daily movement -> at least 30 mins running/walking, gives me a canvas for thoughts
3. supplements -> choline, vitamin D, and omega 3, especially if I'm going to be inside for 16+ hours
4. breathwork -> 2 mins a day for some calm
5. fluids -> coffee in the morning, green tea throughout the day (L-theanine source), a lot of water
6. minimize pendulum swing -> if you're getting quality sleep, nutrition, and activity, you don't need energy drinks, modafinil, etc

1. removing excuses -> you either ship or you don't
2. working in the public -> accountability is a strong push
3. weekly goals -> consistently hitting 80% of execution is a massive lever for progress
4. bias for action -> have an idea? start the first draft now and iterate
5. daily goal -> what's the ONE important thing I need to do today?
6. daily reflection -> was I better today than yesterday? what am I grateful for?
7. weekly reflection -> how did my weekly execution align with my long-term goals?

1. rescuetime -> bring awareness to where you're really spending your time
2. limit social -> I haven't used FB and IG for years, but still get trapped in twitter / youtube
3. fewer productivity tools -> I do almost everything in dropbox + notion these days
4. Saturday cleanup -> take an hour to clean your boards, backlogs, desktop, notion pages, etc

notion setup (see screenshot https://bit.ly/2XlNoaY)
1. PARA model -> projects (active initiatives), areas (of responsibility, ie product/engineering), resources (culture, hiring), archives (the trash bin where you actively dump the no longer relevant stuff during a Saturday cleanup)
2. ideas backlog -> a place I can quickly write, tag, and backlog the random ideas that come up during the day (they have a home, I feel good, and I can get focused again)
3. resonance backlog -> fight infinite browser tabs by tagging and cataloging interesting finds with save to notion

most of everything I've done is to 1) bring awareness to where I am actually spending my time, 2) minimize distractions, and 3) maximize short-term memory (mine is shit). I find shipping and flow states to be incredibly addictive.

I personally hate notion's offline capabilities, if anyone knows a good hack to cache more, I would love to hear about it.

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vladimir · 208d ago

I'm trying a lot of different things but only works great and it is - "right motivation". I mean, you can use all trendy startup tools and read all Grahm's essay but it will not work for 100% without your fire inside. I believe that that fire will help to solve any problems and motivate us to work 25 hours a day. It's our core feature ;)
p.s. Notion, Toggl and right playlist

jorgegarcia · 208d ago

breack down targets into milestones and tasks we can assign, track and mark complete. we use asana but any tool supporting this can help. just try to move the needle a bit every, single, day!

manojranaweera · 155d ago

What I am doing is continually looking for a secret sauce that will eventually give me a significant competitive advantage.

manojranaweera · 155d ago

What I am doing is continually looking for a secret sauce that will eventually give me a significant competitive advantage.

manojranaweera · 203d ago

Covid 19 - I've never worked so hard.

1. Make sure our tech companies can survive https://techcelerate.ventures/members
2. Make sure I can survive (1) is my life - so they come first
3. In order to ensure (1), I created Furloughed Life and then transitioned to https://skilledup.life

Vital_Made_This · 207d ago

Google Design Sprint 2.0

stuffcontent.com · 207d ago

Cognitive behavioral therapy. Being able to sleep at night is pretty great.

RoastClub.co · 210d ago

I like frameworks. For top of the funnel activities, I've found the recent book Traffic Secrets to be helpful. Here's a link to the book's site: https://bit.ly/3ghsktx.

yevheniikurtov · 209d ago

Dude... this is way too clumsy. Advertising a book about traffic acquistion on the source demography website with a Bit.ly link.
And then posting a follow up :)

RoastClub.co · 209d ago

Not sure I understand. I used to get bogged down with lofty SM goals just to get burned out. I found a simple framework in this book that is helping me execute and leverage my time.

RoastClub.co · 210d ago

I'm going through the workbook in the box set and it is like going through a workout plan. Totally worth the upsell.