Stripe Atlas vs. Clerky vs. Gust
Shared by razin · 516d ago · 7 comments

Hey all! Do any of you have any experience with using services like Stripe Atlas, Clerky, or Gust to incorporate? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. I'm an international founder looking to incorporate a Delaware C-Corp fairly soon. Thanks for your help.

antoniocao · 513d ago

We were looking at atlas when we were incorporating, but we chose to use swyftfilings instead. They don't give you as many perks as atlas (they pretty much only handle the paperwork, and you still have to find your own registered agent), but it only costs ~$250 instead of $500. If money's no object, I'd say go with atlas or something similar, but if you don't mind doing a bit of the work yourself then you can easily save some money with swyft. You will have to obtain an EIN yourself, but that's super easy to do as it is all online. Additionally, atlas includes incorporation documents in their package, but you can download a collection of standard startup incorporation documents from CooleyGo for free.

razin · 513d ago

Thanks Antonio. I hadn't heard of Swyft Filings but based on your experience, they seem worth checking out.

patrickroxas · 514d ago

When we incorporated, we were choosing between Atlas, Clerky, and Atrium. We chose Atlas and I don't regret it. Excellent customer service!

OTOH, I generally read good things about Clerky on YC Startup School forums but one of my friends who I met at an Atrium meetup (when they used to do those things) used Clerky had trouble with his EIN and ended up deciding to incorporate in Singapore instead of continuing with his DE C-Corp.

Your post is the first time I'm encountering Gust so I will read up on it.

razin · 513d ago

Thanks Patrick. I had actually been leaning towards Clerky but it sounds like I should do a little more research before committing.

coreydaniels · 504d ago

Satchel recently had an article comparing incorporation services.

Their end suggestion was Clerky but the article is definitely worth a read for the full story.

Aden · 505d ago

Following this thread.

Have been considering Stripe Atlas for incorporation but am concerned about a few details:

(1) Cost issues - Stripe Atlas is quite costly and doesn’t match the needs of bootstrapped startup models.

(2) Post incorporation support and assistance - extent of legal support and guarantees post incorporation isn’t confirmed.

(3) Present reputation amongst local authorities: Stripe is a popular service but how well it aligns with the local regulatory authorities isn’t clear, especially to international founders.

Will consider Stripe as these details become more clear to the general public. · 513d ago

We're based in St. Louis, MO in the US and used Clerky. Very easy and very quick.