YC's startup school - worth it?
Shared by Lankinen.xyz · 558d ago · 3 comments

I'm thinking signing to startup school but then in the other hand it's more like Pioneer without leaderboard so I'm not sure if it's worth of the time it takes to write the weekly progress into two different platform. I like the competition element on Pioneer and that is why I use this rather than Startup School but I just wanted to ask if there is something I should consider when doing this decision?

krishan711 · 558d ago

The weekly calls on SUS definitely helped us (so far) get our pitch more refined. Also, we are building a product that would be useful to some startup founders to the calls also allowed us to get early feedback from potential users. Everything else I think is pretty much the same except the offers pack which we have access to from elsewhere so haven't used anyway.

krcnow · 558d ago

It totally depends on where you are as a founder. If these are your early days then SUS videos and discussions are very informative. If you have been doing it for a while and have already consumed the videos on YouTube then the weekly discussion is a good way to test waters. If you have months on entrepreneurship then the freebies like AWS credits are super useful so, in essence, it's a good platform for all early-stage founders. Also, like any platform, it's a good place to discover things that you might miss.

ptmn · 557d ago

SUS community is great. Their weekly group is very active. It's easier to test how people react towards your idea than collect anonymous feedback through tournament.

Pros: A starter package for startup and an opportunity to get exposed to heart of SV's entrepreneurship and innovation fueled by YC in the past 10 years.

Cons: Less degree of freedom. Later stage than Pioneer. Only matched to startups and NPOs. Only recommend to those interested in starting a company.