Former SVP at eBay Michael Dearing on Pricing
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Many exceptional nuggets from the former SVP of eBay on how to think about the value of your product in the eyes of a customer.

"What hangs people up, and why companies really struggle with this issue, is not because they don't have smart people who know how to do math, or know how to draw a demand curve, or even know what that is. It's because they're missing some key judgment tools."

Makes a good pairing with Patio11's pricing guide in Stripe:

Atlas7 · 25d ago

This is a great article. thank you for sharing it.

KaylaBens · 22d ago

Indeed. I like the format, too, with every word timestamped to the video.

Klog · 28d ago

Thanks for sharing! The behavioral economics bit is particularly interesting. Hadn't had any exposure to that before.

Sandy-ONeill · 28d ago

This is great. Bit of an academic approach at times (granted, it's a presentation at GSB), but nice!

Jimmons · 28d ago

Particularly interesting and really interesting is that the disutility people experience in real life from a loss is much greater than the gain in utility they get from a similar sized windfall.