How do I add a teammate on Pioneer?
Shared by vkwong · 188d ago · 4 comments

I want my teammate to be able to see the Pioneer dashboard and submit the weekly updates.

Is that not possible?

I added them as a teammate through the project description, but nothing happened? They didn't get any email or anything to sign up.

braddwyer · 187d ago

We just share a login

arthtyagi · 185d ago

That’s really inconvenient to be honest. I signed up with Twitter so I doubt I would share that. I could share the email-based login but then again, it’s inconvenient.

dougdavis · 187d ago

We share a login. We emailed the pioneer people and they said that adding cofounders is not supported. That was a few weeks ago.

jonathanmedhanie-2 · 188d ago

great question