Too many spammers | Requesting a Report button
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From my experience in the over the last 5 weeks on, I’ve encountered a lot of spammers especially in the feedback section and this time I made sure to report one of the spammers to Pioneer.

The feedback is always identical and extremely positive and vague such that a user would be inclined to give them extra 25 points for the feedback. This is unacceptable imo. Spammers should have no place in any tournament.

And in the light of this, I hope adds a Report button. · 9d ago

Agreed, I find lesser and lesser genuine/constructive reviews.

jb · 13d ago

When you encounter these kinds of participants, tell them they should follow the community standards. It is a problem of a scale, only a handful of people cannot maintain the community's health, everybody must be involved in it.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 13d ago

I noticed a few of the very generic comments a while back and emailed Sam about it. Some of them were very obvious - I save all the feedback I give and receive so I could quickly go back and check them. In particular, I noticed them giving identical feedback on other's status reviews, when I went in to write followup comments to responses.

oras · 13d ago

I noticed the same too when responding to more comments.

manojranaweera · 14d ago

What would you consider this profile as · 14d ago

Seems a fair point. At the same time I can understand people exploring every channel to try and grow their startup/business. I like what Jason Calacanis/TWiST did in their Slack group - they created a dedicated channel for "promotion" where people could post whatever they want and others could view it if interested, but they are blocked if they spam any other channel.

I think something like that could be a solution.

antonio · 9d ago

I found a couple of generic messages in last week's review.

I think the best way to avoid them is to specifically ask what you want feedback on. And if people are not answering your question, obviously don't choose those messages.

I can understand that maybe some projects are difficult to explain or people just have an idea (not even a website) and in those cases, you can be tempted to leave something generic, but I try to be honest and mention if I don't understand a project/startup. That in itself is useful feedback.

DanielShoroye · 11d ago

Hi there,

Want to chime in real quick - the problem is two fold.

If I give you detailed feedback and you spam every review with "Thanks for your feedback {...}|" it's like your not even reading it.
Let's combat it by asking for feedback on specific topics/issues or just their opinion and make sure to respond to it keep the conversation going.

- Dan

arthtyagi · 11d ago

If you give me a detailed review, there’s no way I’m going to spam it with a “Thank you” unless of course it’s just all about, “Doing great work blah blah blah”.

Second, there’s no incentive for me to “spam” it with a thank you whereas a spammer has a motivation to spam someone’s question (yes I ask for specific review) which is gaining more points. Just so you know, it’s completely optional to leave a review, but spammers do it anyway for the points.

I’m not sure how the point you made is valid by any extent. One actual spammer is exploiting for more points, the other “spammer” (the person just saying “thank you”) is doing it out of courtesy. The ground is not leveled by any means in your comparison.

DanielShoroye · 11d ago

Hey - so I want to clarify some points

So I think there are (2?) different angles to spam reviews here -

(1) reviews that are generic - or what I call watery advice - this user is trying to get points by posting advice that might fit but doesn't really personalise it so it does.

this isn't all bad, let's assume sometimes 2 people need to hear the same thing, lack of personalisation however is lazy - the reviewer should in all cases personalise it.

Same words of advice week in week out is lazy. This is a spammer - someone fishing for points and not reviewing (a) what the person wants feedback on or (b) the project itself

(2) One word or two words - "good job" - if you don't ask for anything specific and you get this then I don't find this bad either. I can't consider it spam - user is not really looking to get the extra points. They had nothing to say or they just wanted to nudge positive advice.

In the ideal world they would take a dive in and give you an "expert review" but people are busy and that's understandable, they're also not experts who know how to dissect what's always - make the job easy and ask for something specific.

If you ask for feedback on something specific and get this - then this might be someone that lacks time and shouldn't be reviewing or someone who is not bothered - you could consider this spam.


To your next point about the ground not being levelled - we tend to review the same people after some cycles - I'm trying to get to know and understand your project better - I don't need you to be courteous unless I am in bucket (2) above (usually not) - I need you to answer my questions or rebuttal my review so I don't end up saying the same thing next time around.

As a pioneer user you'll find taking the time to dissect reviews and responding actually gives you clarity in your thinking as to why something may or may not be a certain way - making it a good exercise.

You're incentive to respond is to facilitate dialogue which lets people in bucket (1) + (2) know that people are counting on their feedback to get better and if you have questions + insights they will respond and answer them.

Follow up on reviews that seem fishy before giving 25 points - if they respond with more personalised detail then give the points.

kendsouza · 11d ago

You could be a 'spammer' yourself and not even realize it.
So as you started this ..define what exactly a review should comprise of?. What exactly are you expecting and why do you think you are entitled to it? For all you know, the reviewer might think, your site is another 'me too' project not worth the time and the reviewer is just being courteous by leaving a few words. That might be feedback in itself, that your project is not garnering interest or excitement or the reviewer cannot comprehend what your project is about (bad pitch, lack of detail or not their area of expertise). And if you thought your review was 'spam' , did you respond by saying that you considered it as 'spam' and why you are alleging that. If not why not?

kendsouza · 13d ago

I don't think this is something new.
Since my first week I have had my fair share of one-liners or just a couple of words every week
"Great, Great Progress, Nice Progress, What a wonderful idea!..."
There are some who repeat their five liners too:)

This might be because some folks just want to continue to participate but not have the time to give feedback. So they just throw in a couple of words or a line to make it seem they really looked at your project or they just get tired as they they continue with their feedback and want to be done with it.

Ask yourself..have you been sincere and genuine in your feedback for all the 20 you do every week (i.e if you do 20)?
If not, you do not get the right to complain.

Also while giving feedback, I have come across projects which claim to have thousands of users, but do not even have a landing page or app. Some projects are incredible charities (how is a charity a business?) meant to tug at your heartstrings. I am sure some of you do not see thru it or give positive feedback just to get the brownie points.
If it is obvious..just say so in your feedback (that is your reporting) and do not give them your vote.

Again it is not how good you are at actually accelerating/monetizing your idea or business, but how smart you are at the feedback game and projecting your accomplishments that gets you the vote that will get you up the leaderboard. The folks who master the hack will rise up the leaderboard.

There are always a few who give genuine feedback every week and there are some great ideas I get to look at every week and that makes it worth it for me. If you get pulled in by the feedback noise and the leaderboard, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Make it work for you.

oras · 14d ago

YES, I second that.

```Good luck, see you at the top!```