For founders in school: How do you balance school, business and product development?
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I'm currently a student trying to build an app and become a founder. I feel very confident this potential business and have been making lots of progress on developing the initial prototype and doing some initial market research, etc., but as school starts to pick up during the second half of this semester, I'm worried I'll struggle to balance things.

1. I'm in high school, so dropping out or skipping classes is simply not an option and I'd like to get high grades. Fortunately summer is coming up and I'll have lots of time then.
2. I'm a one-man team currently and thus it's hard to balance the business side and app development side with limited time. I don't want to waste time developing a useless product and thus customer interviews, research, etc. are very important, but at the same time there's no point having that if I don't have the MVC itself. I often worry that I'm focusing my time and energy on the wrong aspects.
3. I have a couple skilled friends who have offered to join the effort. I'm tempted to have them join my team as that would help prevent development from being stalled during times when I am simply too busy to commit any time to my business, however I am also worried that it's too soon to get anyone else on the team. Also - we'll of course have to discuss equity terms and eventual salary and the likes sooner or later, assuming this my product starts becoming an actual business. I currently have no idea how to go about this so I'm hesitant to invite friends to help.


- I have limited time, how can I optimize it and properly balance business research and product development?
- Thoughts on letting others, who have offered to work for free in order to help get this off the ground (as I am), join the team at an early stage?

Looking for tips, thoughts, or encouragement from anyone!!