Pioneer team, Flux, a payments startup now in YC – TechCrunch
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Congrats to Ben Eluan and Ose Orukpe, Pioneers from Nigeria, on their YC announcement detailed in TechCrunch!

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jonathanrstern · 424d ago

Awesome -- huge congrats Ben and Ose!

feyisayo · 425d ago

Great team and an awesome product

anoirhoumou · 425d ago

Well done guys!!!

oluwatobifaboya · 425d ago

outstanding news!!!

coryz · 425d ago

sweeet -- how'd you get around the clamp-downs on crypto startups? i know those were tough last month

sole-fields · 425d ago

Excited for you both. How was the YC experience?

jerico · 425d ago

Huge! Well done. · 425d ago

Outstanding news, well done team!

gandalf-016894 · 425d ago

Great product ( fast money delivery) and cool growth (40% monthly).
Great · 407d ago

It nice to hear this, gives many of us more inspiration

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Congrats guys. · 418d ago


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Amazing news. Congrats to all guys.

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Amazing! Congrats!

nathankoo · 422d ago

Congratulations guys, always exciting to hear about new innovations.

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Nice one!

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Great product guys

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Congrats guys.

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Dang that's great!! · 424d ago

That's awesome! Way to go Flux!!!

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That's wonderful news, good job guys!