Anyone in top 50 want to share the experience?
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What is it like?
Did you make it into the Pioneer Program?
What did Pioneer help you with the most? · 739d ago

We've been playing Pioneer for 1 year now this week and with approx 9 or so months in the top 50. Originally we heard about Pioneer through an accelerator called Patch ( ) during summer 2019. So we thought why not give it a shot? Didn't seem like any risk and we could use some extra feedback and accountability.

We've had a few expert reviews but we've yet to make it onto the Pioneer Program. However, we're hopeful for our next. One thing that I think took us a while to recognise as a benefit of the site, is the community. Every week you have the opportunity to interact with at least 20+ other projects from across the world. Take advantage of this - people here are always more than willing to share their advice, learnings and feedback. Structure every weekly update on how the community here can help you take that next step towards a milestone.

Don't focus on climbing the leaderboard, it will come with time. Focus on progressing every week with your project and learning from the previous.

0xSham · 739d ago

This was the type of insight I was looking for. I remember seeing you as one of the projects to rate. I agree with your statement that the community here is golden. Asking for specific feedback, especially during the voting, give a lot of good insight. · 739d ago

Well said. Cropsafe is still one of my favorites on Pioneer and for the longest time I asked myself why they haven't become a "Pioneer." Despite the absence of a designation, you have shown amazing progress from week to week in an industry that desperately needs simple solutions to big problems. Excited to see you launching the hardware piece of your venture (the sensor).

jamestitchener · 739d ago

I think I underestimated the usefulness of the feedback portion coming into this. I think Pioneer would serve themselves well to emphasize this benefit more. Thank you for the reminder to be patient and to focus on improvement over time. · 739d ago

I think it would be really motivating if they offered some extra benefit to the top 50 (perhaps after a number of weeks) even if you don't get selected. We're six weeks in and have been doing well (currently 55) and I commit probably 2-3hrs a week to Pioneer in trying to give good feedback and reply to all mine etc. I think it's important to be a good community member because you get out what you put in.

That said I can see it being a little disheartening if we were not selected a year later. I admin your endurance.

I think offering something like AWS credits or other deals or the chance to pitch investors would help keep morale high. · 733d ago

Check out YC Startup School. Many good deals. $5k aws +$3k google credits after completion certain length program, and many others. it really helped us in some aspect.
but i also agree that pioneer feedback part is the most valuable. SUS only has group call every week.

mo · 733d ago

Oh very important note: If you apply either of those credits, you won't be able to redeem the Pioneer's 100k, happened to me with G Cloud.

jackson · 733d ago

Hey Mo et al! Clarification – You can still receive the $100K for AWS/GCP. · 733d ago

Really!? I never knew about this. Do you think calling G Cloud startup program team and explain to them would work? Nothing there says that we cannot get credits from two different referral partners · 733d ago

I know that AWS lets you stack credits from different referral partners but maxes out at $100k in total redeemed. You might be able to leverage this offering against GCP. The two services compete so maybe mention to GCP that AWS offered you a better deal but you would still like to explore AWS if they matched the offer. · 733d ago

haha thanks! good negotiation skill!

0xSham · 733d ago

Couldn't you have just made a new aws/google cloud account? 100k is a lot of credits? I'm sure if you talk/call the g cloud team they might let you accept the cloud credits (i've heard of companies doing it before). · 733d ago

Yeah. I'm really interested in the Pioneer Airtable credits as we use it quite heavily. · 739d ago

Nice! been following you since I build my past project ( Keep climbing and hopefully you will get accepted! What's other benefit that you get aside from weekly updates?

davidcrombie · 737d ago

Just a heads up the twitter link at bottom of page is not working.

justinglibert · 724d ago

Pioneer here: It took us 2-3 months to go from nothing to 2nd Global. We got selected as Pioneers that week. I'd say mileage will vary, as there is no objective way to know what the probability of being selected is when you are in top 10 (I don't think anyone "wins" outside the top 10).

Regarding funding: Pioneer doesn't really let you "pitch" to random investor, you don't need them to do that. What Pioneer offers in terms of funding opportunity is mostly the livestream which will bring a lot of attention to your project.

Money & perks are cool, but what matters is the access to the Pioneer community (and of course Jackson who is the biggest perk of Pioneer). You get to meet cool people though weekly "Pioneer meal" (which is something not emphasised on their landing page), play Minecraft together, have Office Hours with Daniel, join private AMAs, ...
Pioneer is not about the "funding" and the "pitching to investors", it's about joining a private, well curated community of very smart people from all over the world.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 734d ago

I've been in and out of the top 50 about 3 times so far in the 27 weeks I've been in Pioneer. I think Touchgram has been reviewed twice and obviously not yet selected. Part of that is possibly that I'm a solo founder with no team apart from myself. I'm also iterating on a complex product which has yet to achieve traction. So, there's steady progress but not raving success.

There's a steady but slow slog getting some of the key features in place to support the really appealing features. (I have enough customer and potential user feedback to know what's needed, it's just a ton of work getting there.)

As people who follow me know, I've been clear on also saying that a marital crisis has hit my productivity hard in the last month. As a related issue, I'm losing 2-4 days a week of solid work because I'm painting a house (outside), either as a way to gain domestic credits or because it's necessary to make it saleable should things collapse.

I feel a bit ashamed commenting on this because, yeah it's tough, but apart from that, in Western Australia we have things pretty easily being out of lockdown with no community transmission of C19. That's very easy compared with folks stuck in tiny apartments with young kids. I included it in my updates for a few weeks to indicate that was the place my time was going and then dropped it. Life is always going to throw shit at you and you need to adapt and find ways to work around things. The hardest thing when you're doing demanding technical and creative work is clearing your head and being able to carry on

victor · 739d ago

Hey there! Victor here, co-founder of Avion School (#6 on Pioneer). Quite honestly, there's really no different to it at all. Similar to a lot of guys here, we haven't been chosen to become a Pioneer yet. For me, the main benefit is that it keeps you pressured to keep making good progress. It's hard to move and remain in the top! · 738d ago

As of this week, we've submitted 54 consecutive weekly progress updates on Pioneer. Through that time we pivoted from an event-based marketplace (Eventy) to a SaaS, marketing reporting automation tool (Market Metrics). We were in the top 50 with Eventy, pivoted to Market Metrics and moved off the leaderboard, now we're 48th on the leaderboard.

What is it like?
It's like you just beat everyone below you and everyone who's not on the leaderboard. The thing is you only get in the top 50 by improving yourself and those around you. Stay focused and be helpful.

Did you make it into the Pioneer Program?

What did Pioneer help you with the most?
Staying focused on improving progress relative to my project's objectives and at communicating more with fewer words. · 739d ago

Not sure whats the difference is...we are still moving forward though.
The only real metric would be how many development we did and how many users we talked (or tested, or on-board)
I really appreciate the Pioneer weekly feedbacks. It is the most valuable section here.
Feedbacks can help others to improve, and others will help me to improve.

manojranaweera · 736d ago

I just joined and went straight into 79. Was quite surprised. Only discovered Pioneer less than an hour ago. Now to understand the Pioneer etiquette.

dunsterio · 737d ago

How many times do expert run reviews of top 50?

Akshay · 737d ago

No longer in the top 50 but am a pioneer.

When I was in the top 50 there was a very "this just got real" type of moment where I knew I had to really step on the gas so I didn't fall out. Luckily I was selected almost immediately after so that took some of the edge off.

0xSham · 737d ago

How has being a pioneer helped, if so? What is your project? I'm just curious because there is not a lot of info on who they fund. Would be nice if they had statistics on how many groups recieved 10k, 50k, 1m, etc. Maybe it's still too early for them?

nino · 739d ago

1) Not much different than being outside the Top 50. Maybe a little boost to traffic from people finding you on the leaderboard.
2) Not yet. Fingers crossed. Second review for us should be coming up soon.
3) Staying focused and accountable. · 739d ago

3) weekly focus and execution