Cash Coach: Making millennials compete at saving
Shared by sam@novamoney · 591d ago · 12 comments

Cash Coach is a "fintech mobile game" where the goal is to save as much as you can from your real-life income to level-up your in-game avatar, with AI assistance of Cash Coach.

We have been registered by the FCA (UK regulator) and will be able to launch publicly.

Feedback needed:
1)We have recently redesigned the sign-up flow of the app (available on Google Play early access and TestFlight). How do you find it?
2)Here is our new twitter banner: what does it evoke to you?


beng · 591d ago

Would be great to get rewards based on achieving certain levels of savings. (Even cash rewards, paradoxically. I'm sure you could make the numbers work.)

sam@novamoney · 591d ago

I was thinking of having in-game currency "Cash Coins". Whatever you save in real-life will you give the equivalent of Cash Coins that can be used to equip your avatar, purchase clothes, pets... or buy virtual goods. The higher your level, the fancier you can dress.

But if you spend it in real-life, it would destroy your in-game assets.

What do you think?

rishi · 591d ago

My high-level feedback on the signup flow is that it's long, and I'm not yet bought in. As far as signup flows go, it's enjoyable (especially loved the progression avatars), but I have to do a lot -- including link my bank account! -- before I'm excited to use Cash Coach.

One idea: no signup flow to start. You download the app and there's a sample bank account with fake friends & history. Once I'm ready, I get going. (Loosely like (open in incognito if you have an account), but that's a relatively unambitious example...)

P.S. Reminded me of patio11's tweet on Robinhood today: Finance as a game!

sam@novamoney · 591d ago

Thanks for the feedback. We tried to reduce the sign-up flow as much as regulatory-wise possible. But we still need to verify the phone number and have an email for back-up.

There used to be a demo mod in the early version, the problem was that the conversion rate to sign-up was pretty low. That's why I experimented to remove the demo mode, and the sign-up rate almost doubled!

rishi · 591d ago

Interesting! Wonder if this has to do with acquisition channel. E.g. referrals will go through whatever work they need to to sign up.

sam@novamoney · 590d ago

The acquisition channel influences a lot. We were in private beta for month, so most of the sign-ups come from people I personally saw in meetups.

williem · 591d ago


1. I think that the sign-up flow is awesome. I have never seen chat-bot like sign-up flow previously. It is clear and easy to follow.
2. I think that cashcoach focuses on saving. But, I think the twitter banner is like finding treasure. :)

sam@novamoney · 591d ago

1. Thanks :)
2. Do you find it disturbing?

nathanganser · 591d ago

I've signed up :) No big feedback for now except that the onboarding flow is great! I'm so jealous that you can get access to users banking data without needing a special approval or so :P If only gmail was like this :)

sam@novamoney · 591d ago

Thanks for the feedback. Accessing users banking data is far from simple, I had to go through a lot of regulation, due diligence and paperwork.

mohammadazeem · 591d ago

I think that you would benefit from doing research on saving and investing habits on a demographic level. Would help you positioning Cash cow much better.

For me, the word 'coach' evokes tough love. However, the drawings of happy avatars are completely opposite and make me investigate twitter more. Good job!

sam@novamoney · 591d ago

The saving and investing habits of millennials are very diverse. The most simple classification is "cash poor" (people who overspend" vs "cash rich" (people who manage to save).

Can you tell me more about the "tough love" it evokes?