Weekly updates videos
Shared by kwakutabiri · 407d ago · 4 comments

Does anyone know what happened to the BETA feature that enabled you to upload videos with your weekly updates? I really enjoyed doing that.

rishi · 407d ago

Hey! We removed the feature since uptake was fairly low. But if you enjoyed it, I'd encourage you to include a Loom video in your answer to "What did you accomplish this week?".

kwakutabiri · 407d ago

That's shocking, I expected more people to take advantage of it.
Thanks for the tip!
I did that as a hack before, I'm gonna keep at it
I'll miss the video thumbnail tho.

jorghinoonyeme · 407d ago

Noticed that as well

manojranaweera · 406d ago

I never did them. But used to do them when I was part of nReduce back in 2012/13.