Stupid or radical? You decide!
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Sharing the numbers for greater transparency! Starting off building a culture.

Hoping to update every Sunday to coincide with Pioneer updates.

Do you share your numbers publicly other than on Pioneer? If so, do share the URLs.

Could you also let me know what additional data that might be considered useful?

kendsouza · 37d ago

Transparency here should be Pioneer's responsibility. Maybe they can have a button on the leaderboard besides each participant where you can see their KPI's or allow the participant to share notes or URLs. Then perhaps the leaderboard will become more credible as you can see week over week progress or what is the basis of their progress or it is just a hustle.

For RunPTO, the only number I care about is paid subscribers. Everything revolves around that now. If a trial subscriber does not convert, I try to understand, why not and go from there. I will share other nos in the future on RunPTOs website when it can be meaningfully used to attract new subscribers ...e.g number of folks are using financials, signup forms, online store sales, directory, so many documents are stored etc etc.

For you, it will make sense to break down your available volunteers into various skillsets along with count, so your potential customers will know what is available and if they are readily available.

manojranaweera · 37d ago

Hi Ken, we had this from day 1 - do check out - categories on the sidebar.

bukunmi · 37d ago

I just checked the volunteers URL. I think you should enforce each volunteer to upload their profile photo during registration/KYC. Looks like that could add a personal feel that may help startups get recruitment more interesting or simply help their decision making whether they want a particular volunteer or not.

Logically your customers shouldn't decide in the basis of looks.. but sometimes emotional aspects like looks might give a stronger impression than logic or data (say the volunteer's description) and it gets funny how people sometimes get hired. Haha. Just my thoughts.

manojranaweera · 37d ago

They cannot apply if they don't complete the profile.

Step 1 - sign up
Step 2 - complete profile
Step 3 - Apply (can't apply without 1 and 2)

bukunmi · 37d ago

I see. Looks like everything is well planned then. Great!