Due Diligence Checklist for Founders- will schroter
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Founders normally focus on finding potential investors. We consider our decks and our elevator pitches, but we often forget about due diligence. However, by the time we're speaking with investors, we should already have a due diligence package.

A due diligence package includes all of the information that a potential investor could need in order to evaluate your company's past, present, and potential..

There are multiple advantages to a thorough due diligence package
You communicate to investors that you're serious about working with them and that you're a capable leader.

You have room to expound on your initial pitch deck to include additional details that could persuade an investor
You continue to build up your reputation as a trustworthy founder in the startup community, even if an investor passes on your company for now,

What other questions do you have about due diligence? Let me know below!

NFT-gal · 97d ago

Interesting! I feel like due diligence is more appropriate later stage. Have you gone through the process yourself? I also don't know if a due diligence package entails capable leadership. That seems more like good accounting.