Mental Health founders
Shared by ishmeetsingh · 5d ago · 3 comments

Any founder working on a mental health related startup? I am facing some difficulties in engaging with the community of potential customers.
Would be great if we could get in touch!

Blake · 1d ago

Not exactly related but many of my patients suffer from mental health issues. (Fire Medic). We should be doing more as a country.

I checked your app - I like it more than the memory it conjured up - there was this "virtual boyfriend" app I remember hearing about that would just auto-text your girlfriend and help maintain the relationship. Not really my thing but you might be able to get some technical insights by tracking it down.

I like this and I think it should be in the world, I think ad revenue is going to be your main source of income. If people can't afford to go to a mental health professional, they probably won't be able to pay for a service (or feel willing to try). But this is a great app for their family members and friends.

Your strongest point, which you need to highlight more, is that most people need a certain social inertia to engage with others, especially if they are depressed. This app helps overcome that. If I don't have the energy to pick up the phone to reach out BUT I might have just enough to answer the phone. (granted, who is calling matters as well)

While you are trying to get traction, focus on just getting users. Incentivize it by reaching out to sponsors, maybe a national flower/gift company and ask if they would be willing to give you a few gift vouchers, and then announce that each day you'll give away X amount to any users who send out 5 messages using the app. As you gain more users, start converting those vouchers to actual paid advertising clients, don't be afraid to mention you are doing business with their competitors.

ishmeetsingh · 1d ago

Hey, thank you so much for taking time for the feedback. Is there a way I can communicate with you quicker? Would love to discuss further when you're free.

Blake · 1d ago

Check my company name and send me an email. Happy to help.