Podvertizer.com's progress update - August 11th, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Brandvertisor is websites advertising marketplace helping brands, ad agencies and website owners to build direct ads ROI partnerships.

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

● Register for contributor in 15 blogs> Submit 2 articles in 2 marketing blogs/media
● finish rewriting, format & submit ebook in amazon
● outreach 200 more CMO/VP for PR B2B venture
● Find 5 more Website Monetization leads
● Work on Brandvertisor investors documentation with CFO

☑ Regged for contributor in 15 authority blogs > awaiting approval
X ebook rewritten > to Submit next week.
☑ Added 300 Linkedin CMO/VP/Director of marketing > 100+ proposals sent
☑7 Website leads > 2 start
☑ We've started building per segment investing documents

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

1 Finish rewriting & submit SaaS & Startups Marketing & Advertising for Amazon ebook
2 Keep scanning reddit on a daily basis for websites monetization leads
3 Keep outreaching to 200+ funded startups weekly on Linkedin for PR coverage
4 Websites Monetization blog post.

What would you like feedback on from the community?

Do you make content marketing for your startup and how?
Guest posting, contributor articles, advertorials?

Project website


Asmal · 432d ago

I like your landing page, it looks very professional. But what i can say about your project is that it's good you're Progressing, Keep working towards that direction. I love your idea and i would be glad to use your product Keep working on it never give up and always stay positive.

Podvertizer.com · 432d ago

Thank you very much!

JoesWriters.Club · 432d ago

I remember you from the video chats. Great Job. I voted for you of course.

Podvertizer.com · 432d ago

Thank you very much!

intelli-network.com · 432d ago

Great progress here. Marketplaces are always a challenge but what's the easiest side for you to build?

Podvertizer.com · 432d ago

Podcasters are enthusiastic about having a profile and eager to sell sponsorships as the market is not very developed yet. So our Go To Market strategy is to onboard the most popular 20k podcasts and curate them by industry and then to sell their advertising & sponsorships through collaboration with marketing & advertising agencies.

unmumble.com · 432d ago

Great idea. I defiantly would use this in the future. I am doing a language start-up myself and I wanted to advertise on podcast but I wasn't really sure how to. But with your website it would help a lot. I tried going through and go to the 'Advertise on this podcast' button for Coffee Break Spanish but it didn't work. I don't know if that is intended or not. But otherwise great product I hope you are able to make it

Podvertizer.com · 432d ago

Thank you! It's not programmatic advertising, so it will require time for manual onboarding and product-market fit processes to take in place. We will addon Podcasts Ads Wizard soon, so you can make requests for specific podcast pricing.

Fotisto · 432d ago

Great work

Daana · 432d ago

Your question is also actually for our start up. We also thinking about add, but with less costs

mylivewellhome.com · 432d ago

I believe this has a great, untapped market that a lot of people don't think about being an issue. I noticed you're doing a lot of old-school SEO to get your name out there, and you even asked about it. I would be careful not trying to do too much with your current strategy. The way Google is changing the SEO landscape, your payoff is not going to be what it would have been just two years ago with the same tactics

Podvertizer.com · 432d ago

Thank you!

SumitSrivastava · 432d ago

Awesome progress!!