Musicdipity: Serendipitous Spotify
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Project description:

Music connects us even when we can’t physically be together. Musicdipity alerts you when you and a friend serendipitously happen to be listening to the same song or artist around the same time and invites you to play name that tune over text. Then remotely controls both your Spotifys and queues up a random song by that artist to create a magical shared experience.

Sign up at: with your Spotify account!

Finalist live presentation:

Team members:

David Tran (
Ricky Yean (

2min Hackathon submission:

4min version w technical discussion:


yoda-185756 · 51d ago

Love this idea! Had thought about trying to do this for online articles but music is much better.

OneMoreCookiePlz · 51d ago

Yeah! The likelihood of a serendipitous moment with music is much higher. Could also work for movies/shows.

krishan711 · 50d ago

Neat idea! it's hard to replicate serendipity online - ideas like these are awesome, thinking outside the box!

sean_solo · 50d ago

Cool idea. I actually really like the music game aspect of this. Easy to cheat at, and hard to rapidly type without spelling errors the answer, but great concept nonetheless! Awesome work getting that twilio integration (mostly) working! · 50d ago

Neat idea and well done job!

gabrielenvienta · 50d ago

nicee · 50d ago

Niiiice! This is super fun. Always wished this existed, even before remote working and all

neville-734828 · 50d ago

Cool App. Nice work hackers :thumbs_up.

gabrielenvienta · 50d ago


deliverator-917385 · 50d ago

great idea ! · 50d ago

Looks fun. Once it's stable and up, this one could be a great addon to getting hooked to be songs, old people

amiya-98 · 50d ago

Nice work!

OneMoreCookiePlz · 50d ago

Update: In the video, the music game DID work. Both of our Spotifys played the same song at the same time, but the web player for David's Spotify didn't reflect the change! After refresh it did!

gandalf-102068 · 50d ago

Nice job

azwadabid · 50d ago

Have fun! Looks like an interesting idea.

OneMoreCookiePlz · 50d ago

Update 4:52 AM

We're creating serendipitous connections with friends through music. Connect your Spotify and forget about it— go back to hacking/quarantine life while enjoying your music. When we magically detect that you listened to an artist (or specific track) that your friend has recently listened to, we alert both of you so you can either play a game or have a spontaneous listening party.

Went to bed around midnight and woke up 20m too late for the RSP tournament, but that nap def helped a ton!

Went DEEP down the rabbithole :rabbit: (fitting for Easter I guess) to try to debug an issue with our background workers interacting with the Spotify API. Never been so happy to see this debug message:

"AHA! WE GOT AN OVERLAP for artist: Tory Lanez
You just played Tory Lanez. rickyyean played Tory Lanez 9 hours ago"

Need to clean up a bit and deploy, but if you're curious, head on over to

Update 6:07 AM

The music overlap notification now sends text via Twilio to notify user!

OneMoreCookiePlz · 50d ago

Can't create group text via Twilio like in this ideal scenario, so will have to play the game in separate texts with each person:

OneMoreCookiePlz · 51d ago

Update 5:14pm
Set up domain, OAuth with Spotify, and grabs your listening history: · 51d ago

concept link is dead

OneMoreCookiePlz · 51d ago


david · 51d ago

Hey everyone! Hello Frontier world! We're super excited to have you try out what we're hacking on!