Business Model Canvas Feedback
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I recently drafted a Business Model Canvas and I'm looking for feedback on it. As I am new at this, any feedback/criticism on improving and making it more appealing/to-the-point to potential investors, partners, etc is appreciated.

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Hi, it's quite hard to understand what you're thinking of doing. Perhaps focus on fewer things and try to be more concrete in the value prop and key activities. A 'more engaging and efficient customer experience' feels very vague to me.

manojranaweera · 99d ago

Which template did you use? Very colourful. We demand for our

kendsouza · 104d ago

@sendoff is need a pitch deck with investors. But I will take a stab at your canvas.

Looks like your customer segments is in the wrong place. The retailers in the key partners section will be your customers. Your key partners would be folks or companies or investors making this idea a reality.

Your value proposition is vague..How would it actually bring value to your customer e.g Costco or its shoppers.

I shop at Costco. Costco has it nailed down to a science behind the scenes for their discounts or inventory or experience.. and also what added value it will bring to the customers than what is already there. I don't intend to play 'games' when I shop and being a Costco member I would already know the discounts or aisles:)

Your key resources would be the founders, folks doing the tech, other employees etc

ashwinsk · 104d ago

A lot of good points here especially with the value proposition segment. I'll go back to the drawing board with this one and see how to phrase out each segment of the canvas better (and look over how the actual end-product would work as well). I think I have a bit of homework to do on this one. Thanks for the feedback!

Sendoff · 104d ago

Looks ok but you'll need a pitch deck for investors. BMC is usually used to help you figure out how your business fits together and where more work is required.

manojranaweera · 99d ago

I know we are not investors, but for, we reject pitch decks and ask for Lean Canvas instead.

ashwinsk · 104d ago

Understood. I think I'll focus on improving my current pitch deck as its definitely not that "pitch worthy" at the moment. Thanks for the review!