Almanack of Daniel Gross - A must-read for ambitious outsiders.pdf - Google Drive
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Fan project. Strictly for educational purposes only :)
I've compiled every blog post of Daniel Gross into a single PDF. There are 159 pages in total.
Print it and put it on your desk!

jabberwick · 7d ago

Thanks for sharing! I agree with a lot of what Daniel said on missing intimacy online. I think it's not just risk that creates intimacy, but purpose. With Online poker you are earning real world money, not just in game currency. With wall street bets you are earning money while taking out greedy hedge fund fat cats. This is my hypothesis why blockchain powered apps will take off. The smart contracts are building infrastructure that can influence real world value. The currency you earn for being a participant can buy real world items or go towards funding your own project in the ecosystem.

I work at a biotech company and agree that it's harder to get started (more upfront reagent costs and potentially years to get a result that might be financially valuable.) However, computational biology offers a new intro path to molecular biology where one can explore molecular dynamic simulations ( or machine learning molecular predictions ( ,

manojranaweera · 15d ago

I didn't even know Daniel blogs. Thanks for the share.

tanayrathore · 14d ago

same, bro. same.