Milk Video announces seed stage funding from Hubspot co-founder & Y Combinator
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Lenny was initially selected for his work creating a genealogy of street art. Read his 2018 interview with us here from yesteryear about the project:

Excited for Lenny and the team on their $1.5M raise!

josephokafor · 18d ago

This is Super. I love hearing how that our team member is breaking new grounds. This home has really done a great job, if not much but for at least the businesses whose neck got raised from this platform. Though Milk’s raise took a while but it happened and with this new backing, they will go much farther in no distant time.

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kendsouza · 22d ago

Impressive raise..considering there are so many video editing apps out there, some of them free!

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jb · 23d ago

Hola Lenny! Just super curious, why is it called Milk? And what is your ultimate goal with it? I would love to hear your thoughts.

manojranaweera · 22d ago

Know nothing about the startup or Lenny, but generally, milking means extracting the maximum value.