Discord may sell for $10B soon
Shared by KaylaBens · 7d ago · 5 comments

Just find this very interesting. Would definitely raise an eyebrow if they sold. The Microsoft option seems like a really snug fit. I can imagine it'd be deeply enticing for them.

standimitrov · 7d ago

I love Discord, but not sure why would they sell?

KaylaBens · 7d ago

Doesn't make sense to me, either. I wonder if this is part marketing?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 7d ago

I just increased my involvement with Discord because of another Microsoft acquisition. Their subsidiary GitHub bought Spectrum.chat a couple of years ago and have now shut it down, supposedly moving users over to Github Discussions but that's a very developer-focused site. Spectrum was indexed by Google and very easy to setup, with a fairly clean UI.

They also didn't allow people to migrate content off Spectrum!

eg: this is a Spectrum site https://spectrum.chat/twill?tab=posts

This is one of the migrated sites on Github - you can see how Discussions is just a tab inside the main github experience.


So I'm not very happy about the prospect of another MS takeover.

KaylaBens · 5d ago

Hadn't heard of Spectrum, very interesting.

NFT-gal · 7d ago

Love Discord.