Do you think some people vote against you to keep scores more even?
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I just had the best week by a long shot. Honestly, I didn't even think a week this positive was possible for me or my project. Not just getting my first paying customer, but getting 5 customers in one week felt unreal.

Here was my update (the real post had emojis of course : D)

0 -> 5 customers
$0 -> $272 revenue
+26% site visitors
AppSumo live, 5-star review
Ads running again
Updated site, waiting for logo approval
Perfected technical & keyword SEO
Booked 2 demo calls - 1 inbound

I got some great responses which I really appreciate, I find this community very positive in general:
"Nice progress!"
"Congratulations on the first huge conversion, this is a great step! ... "
"Congrats on a good week of progress! ... "
"Fantastic progress last week. ... "
"Wow, what a week, congrats!! .... "
"Amazing week! Way to go! $0 to $272!!! Crazy! Keep it up! .. "
"Hey great progress this week. ... "

Yet I got 5 upvotes and 7 downvotes...

My ranking did not increase at all during my most impressive week ever. I have been in the top 10 globally with a previous project and never had a week nearly as good as this one.

I'm just curious if anyone has felt like sometimes the voting is a bit wonky, in that people vote haphazardly or in a way to try to even out points between projects.

Of course, if 7 projects had a mind-blowing week and really did better than me then I have no problem getting downvoted 7 times, let the best week win, no problem. I just feel like it was a crazy outsized week for me and the Pioneer votes just didn't come in.

I don't want this to feel like a rant, so I'll just end by saying I have gotten a lot of value out of the community, one week of weird voting doesn't shake my faith in this community, I appreciated all of the comments from voters this week, and I like to assume the best intent so I'm guessing others had an insane week as well.

What are your thoughts?

braddwyer · 523d ago

Congrats on a fantastic week! That is super impressive & you should be proud regardless.

Anecdotally, there doesn't seem to be much correlation between our best weeks and number of votes we get either (we went undefeated one week that I thought was kind of mediocre and got several downvotes the week I thought was our personal best); I think it really just depends who you get matched up against and who your voters happen to be that week.

Any given week may be an outlier; what matters more is the trend line. Keep building up momentum and it'll all work out over time. · 522d ago

Agree with this. I also think it would be quite difficult to vote based on rank. You'd have to know where you sat compared with both players you were voting on which would be very time consuming for anyone outside the top 10. I can see maybe one person doing it but not a number of people in the same week.

Another thing I've noticed in my own experience is that tasks>metrics>meeting/talking/planning in terms of voting. We tend to do better on weeks where we list a lot of tasks completed (with links) more so than if we list our metrics, even if they've improved. Things like planning/research/taking meetings etc never seem to score well. People seem to like hiring announcements too.

That said I always put our metrics first because for us now that's what counts and I like the public accountability. I also nearly always prioritize users/revenue/user feedback in my own voting.

Congratulations on an awesome week, you should be proud regardless of the voting. As Brad says keep grinding and the results will come.

Matthew_Brooks · 523d ago

Thank you!

Hmm, seems strange to be me. I think it's pretty easy to see when a group has a kick-ass week and they usually win. I haven't seen many projects where they both absolutely killed it in the same week (and I've reviewed maybe 20+ weeks total).

But I agree, I don't worry about each week's result, just the trend line, which is definitely going up and to the right.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 522d ago

The better you are doing, the more you will be paired with other people who are doing well and continuously reporting progress. · 522d ago

The same happened with me, looks like it is all pure luck. Take it easy and grow your business.

manojranaweera · 522d ago

I had 4 upvotes and 6 downvotes. Depends on who we appear against. Plus some of the reviews are shoddy, to say the least. Luck of the draw. Don't take it personally.

Matthew_Brooks · 522d ago

Yeah, I understand, and I definitely don't take it personally.

Just so strange to get some weeks with 10 upvotes and 1 downvote with standard (but decent) progress and then you have an insane week 3x better than that and you get more downvotes than upvotes. I think it just hurts the engagement of this community a bit, although not completely sure how it could be fixed.

manojranaweera · 522d ago

Unless you get a chance to vote the reviewer/voter.

One of the bizarre comments I had this week was congratulating me for a great 2 min video when has no videos. What fun!

gandalf-016894 · 523d ago

Yes sometimes, on some weeks I feel also my week accomplishment is not really correlated to more upvotes.

I think a few people tend to see the project globally (pitch, landing page) even more then the weekly progress.

It takes less time I suppose.

Well,Nobody is perfect.

Matthew_Brooks · 522d ago

I wonder if there is a way Pioneer could incentivize correct voting more, like "If you vote with the majority you will get a small bonus" or something like that. So people will think "I wonder how other people would vote on this" instead of just randomly voting

gandalf-016894 · 522d ago

I think each of us should vote in "his soul and conscience" without imagining what others might vote for...

I mean pioneer votes are allready a majority-tyran that could therefore (a bit) disqualify non-concensus projects.

I mean after all, most hyper-succesfull start-up would not have been choosen by majority at the begining. Think Airb&b, dropbox, ..

Sal · 522d ago


danielgetman · 522d ago

Most of the time both updates are impressive, so someone might side with whichever idea they like/understand more. Consider revising your one-liner