How This Japanese Guy Got Funded By Jason Calacanis After 5 Years of Bootstrapping | by Shun Yamada | Jun, 2021 | Medium
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Pioneer Shun Yamada's ongoing story building Remotehour.

5 + 1 years of running hard with a dream, this was not a short time. It was also not a simple straight road, and like San Francisco’s terrain, it was full of hills.

McKayla-Berry · 14d ago


"so I decided to build one myself."

Seems to be the theme amongst founders.

Slouischarles · 14d ago

It most certainly is. I wouldn't even build what I want to if it was available.

mo · 6d ago

Amazing Shun! really inspiring

shunyamada · 11d ago

Thank you so much Pioneer guys!!!

kendsouza · 13d ago

Great story & great job, Shun! · 14d ago