Business Plan templates for pre-seed startups
Shared by ShaneDevane · 45d ago · 5 comments

Hi all, does anyone know of a good standard business plan template for a pre-revenue startup? I am looking into but before investing too much time I want to see if people know of others. I'm not a huge fan myself of business plans but I know that angel business groups prefer to see a pitch deck, financial forecast and business plan as a way to gain confidence in the CEO/founder etc.
Shane · 44d ago

I've found a lot of online templates include a lot of fluff to bulk up a document. We've been following this basic outline by Sequoia which pretty much covers all the bases.

ShaneDevane · 42d ago

nice. I'll take a look. Thanks.

manojranaweera · 41d ago

I wrote this sometime back may be of use. This is for the pitch deck rather than a full business plan.

I would suggest you start with LeanCanvas - 1 page business plan. It's free to use.