LittleDrops - Enhance Productivity
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Increase Team Productivity by 30 percent we are not a spying tool to track employees; our product is designed to ensure employees' privacy is maintained very well and help them with notifications that will enhance their productivity.

we are working on website content in case of queries feel free to write us.

Community users get a three-month for free, subscribe, and email us at; let us all grow together.

manojranaweera · 4d ago

I'm actually thinking of building a very simple tool to help our customers monitor the progress of free talent from

Nice tool you have developed. How's the traction?

keyurshah · 4d ago

Hello, thanks for your review; traction is looking good. For now, we have reached out via references, planning to publically launch and start marketing in November, our product is ready, but we are working on the website front. Our products complement each other.

Btw I went through your site, and it's exciting. Kudos it is a great idea.