How We Used Arctype to Improve User Onboarding
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Is this similar to metabase?

everettberry · 14d ago

Yeah except its SQL first where I think metabase tries to get you to build the dashboard with no code flows. · 14d ago

Interesting, we've used metabase extensively and it's a very intelligent tool. Plus we can write SQL queries in it too.

coryz · 15d ago

I might've missed it, but would love to see a true before and after. Seems like the only images linked are in the "after a week of designing, but still much work to do" phase.

Good share, thanks mate

sole-fields · 15d ago

This was a great read, thanks for sharing. What'd you take away from it, out of curiosity?

everettberry · 15d ago

I guess that nothing is given. Users could connect to their DBs in the software before but they weren't. They had to be prompted and guided and even their problem had to be discovered in interviews.

sole-fields · 15d ago

Yes true.
I liked the bit about stealing designs from larger companies. Too often forget how many people have thought about the exact same or similar issue before me (like user onboarding).