Solo Non-technical Founder, Let's Unite!
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Hi! I am a solo non-tech founder that tries to learn everything to launch a startup. Luckily for me, I have a background from digital marketing so I just need to learn how to build (using the no-code platform of course).

The challenges so far have been:
1. The progress is slow because I'm doing it alone while working
2. I have to make a prioritization because of my limited resources, even I can do everything theoretically, I can't do it.

To others that face the same situation, I believe nobody wants this kind of situation but it is what it is. Bootstrap is our key.

What're your challenges and how do you face it?

farukbrbovic · 693d ago

I’m a solo founder as well and like you I have felt the difficulty running a company as a solo founder. This is why I started a community where founders can trade skills and help each other.

Free to join

We are also introducing weekly group video call starting this Wednesday at 11am EDT (GMT -4).
Let me know anyone who wants to be part of it.

I am looking for feedback on how to make the community even better so feel free to send me suggestions, you can find me on our chat inside the community members area.

christian.brown · 693d ago

Shout out to !

farukbrbovic · 693d ago

Hey, hope you are doing well :) · 694d ago

I had been a solo founder and I would agree it's a lonely journey (but doesn't have to be). I love the idea of uniting - how about a technical founder (or all other expertise?)

Like @visionary, I solve my challenges the same way, by engaging with other builders. Last year got pretty rough building a food-tech startup, so I started involving other people and becoming part of their journey. We made enough money to bootstrap, but also made a bunch of friends who contributed in other ways.

1. keeping productivity high
2. decluttering the search-space on the internet and focus on quality material/people
3. quick iterations on the product through feedback. Perhaps need a better way to collect usage feedback.

I don't like to self-publicise, but since early this year, we have been running on this: and it's proving to be a rocketfuel so far. It's built for talented people to borrow/lend skills from other teams.

nino · 694d ago

Love the idea behind! We have more than enough product people on the team but nobody really for marketing so we've just been learning as we go. Would be awesome just to have a few hours to consult with somebody who knows what they're doing!

Tried signing up, but looks like I need an invite code... · 694d ago

Thanks for signing up :) I’ll follow up with a personal email

mcmenemy · 694d ago

Howdy, I'm also a solo founder and am interested to hear insights from other solo founders, especially when it comes to pitching. I found this article on solo-founded startups encouraging ( · 694d ago

I didn't know about this article at all. Thanks man! really inspiring!

donychristie · 694d ago

Thank you for sharing that!

Aden · 681d ago

Here. Similar story - have a few years of experience in series A to B startups, and casual Hackathon and startup project experience.

patrickroxas · 690d ago

What about becoming technical? I've found the Learn Enough series to be very useful

mayireland · 692d ago

Sounds like there are a lot of us in the same boat - so know you're not alone :) What I've done is I've formed a small informal board of advisors (3) who represent areas that I lack capability-wise - they are people I've known for awhile that already exist in my network, so there is huge trust there, they also believe in what I'm trying to build, want to support me, but maybe don't have a huge amount of time to 'do the doing' because they have a full time job already. What I've found then is that at least I then have regular catch ups with people who care about me and my journey and want to see me succeed - they also have a wider network that they're happy to share! Finding peer support is a big reason why I'm building VirtualPeer!! Hope this helps.

testyourideas · 693d ago

Solo non-tech founder here.

My background is market research and I have built a market research tool (, but obviously to build such a web-based tool requires quite a bit of technical expertise. I outsourced the building of the website offshore and tried to get them to automate as many processes as possible, so I could focus on helping customers/users write their questions and promote the business.

The biggest challenge is getting someone who doesn't really care about your product to understand exactly what you are trying to build. I found the best way to go through off shore candidates was to give an overview of what I was trying to build and then get them to repeat it back to me in different words as well as diagramatically. I ended up going with the tech people who best understood what I was trying to build. As you can imagine, motivation trailed off at the end once they were pretty much finished the work, but from what I am told this is quite normal, as they have no motivation to care once the contract is finished. Long term I will need to get someone in my actual team to do the tech stuff, but in terms of building MVP and early versions, I don't see a need to necessarily have a tech founder.

manojranaweera · 694d ago

Hi, I've been around a while - building companies since 2004. But this time, I decided to everything myself. One man team. I used Wordpress and soft-launched on 1st Aug

Just now added email notification - in the process of doing it, first I broke the site (only DNS), then panicked, but somehow managed to fix everything.

I can't code, hence why I am using Wordpress.

visionary · 694d ago

Yoo, I'm in the same boat.

- Selling your vision to people already building theirs is tough.
- Learning no-code tools take time.
- Being a solo founder, during social distancing/shelter in place, is lonely.

Here's how I solve my challenges:
- Virtual meetings each week with other builders
- Joining a ton of webinars, communities, and online events to fill the void / downtime

Would love to hop on a call and chat more: · 694d ago

Thanks man! what communities do you hop in? and how do you find help?