What keeps you motivated?
Shared by sunim@prep.surf · 14d ago · 10 comments

That's it. Just the question.

ogochukwuakabogu · 1d ago

The thought of the conversations my designs will start.

My motivation comes from a love for my team and the novelty of our project. I love getting my hands dirty with code and marketing plans!

The culture on our team is also very lighthearted, so we're able to joke around, send memes, and then get down to business when we need to!

abdul_alhamdan · 13d ago

Working with good people who make it exciting. The tech we are working on (AI/VR) is also having its moment right now.

sunim@prep.surf · 12d ago

Team is something which when jelled together compliment each other well, and can lead to wonder in development.
Good Luck.

abdul_alhamdan · 9d ago

Thanks you too my friend

oropocket.com · 14d ago

Family, Team, and Users. Sometimes the order changes. :)

Daily affirmations and a good laugh makes the journey more fun.

Check this: https://frontier.pioneer.app/posts/546fa330-your-daily-dose-of-motivation-and-laugh

sunim@prep.surf · 12d ago

That is so lovely to hear. Having someone to lookup to really gives you the boost to improve.
Thanks, I feel a good boost to work now.

jamesconrad · 7d ago

When momentum isn't there, just remember it isn't supposed to be easy in the early days.

gaganpreetkaur · 13d ago

My sons encouragement and motivation!

sunim@prep.surf · 12d ago

Family itself is something, which is beautiful in itself, and just a little smile on their face can give so much joy.