Top resources for B2B companies
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Austin Alfred is a YC alum that created Lambda School and frequently engages on Twitter.

He recently asked his Twitter following what B2B books and resources they've found most valuable and I felt it was worth sharing with the group.

If there are any resources, articles, or books you've found helpful to augment your B2B service, please feel free to share them here or on the Tweet thread!

German · 12d ago

I am a newbie in sales, so I found this thread as very useful to start my sales processes. · 12d ago

This is a great resource, @German! Since this Twitter thread was just published a week ago, what did you do differently to your sales process after reading this thread?

German · 11d ago

I reconsidered the way I thought on the phases. Now I see that process has more steps and is more complicated.
Before I tried to search Internet on this topic, but most resources were a complete non-sense. · 11d ago

I agree! Thanks for sharing.