Pioneer Community Discussion - How good is your landing page?
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A bit of a different take on our community discussions on Frontier. Let's dive into each other's landing pages. A bit of free, high-quality feedback.

Answer these questions for each other:

- Is it clear what the company does?
- Is the copy compelling and grammatically correct?
- Is it visually compelling & consistent?

All you need to do to play is post a link to your site. When you do, try to give feedback to at least one other player's project! · 173d ago

We try to get the full message across quickly with our landing page - but are considering customizing it for different users and still need a working sitemap etc. SEO is poor. feedback welcome!

John · 172d ago

I could understand what your site does without even scrolling down on the home page at all! Nice job (although I've tried a similar tool before, so maybe I have some context that other people might not) · 172d ago

Appreciate it. We have that hurdle clear - now just making the "what" is exactly what our users need. And getting it in front of the appropriate people.

jerico · 173d ago

this is a beauty tbh

mo · 174d ago · 173d ago

Really like the landing page and I think I have the full picture right at the top. It is clear that it has a great design and easy interface - so things I as a customer would want to know is how easy it is to try/install, pricing, and any limitations competitors or zoom has that this avoids. You have some of this but would emphasize or spell out in one space. Great work!

Sal · 173d ago


jerico · 173d ago

reviewed someone in the past called tomo hq... seems like they may do something similar? how do you think about competitors when building in a crowded space like thsi?

jerico · 173d ago

this is a beauty, honestly. excited for launch

sole-fields · 174d ago

Yes, please. Excited to review.

kwakutabiri · 174d ago

Got a website to share? · 168d ago
Klog · 168d ago

Small thing, would make the punctuation consistent across the entirety of the landing page. As is, the lower half is al lower case and the upper half has a mix. · 168d ago

oh yes good point, thanks!

alexanderalvarado · 168d ago

Hey everyone, I'm so happy to be part of this community. Here's our link Can I get some feedback?

Klog · 168d ago

It seems like the hardest part about replicating serendipity on the web is you're not aware of the level of focus of your colleagues. Until that's somehow fixed, I'm not sure apps will be effective at keeping people in flow. How do you plan to address that issue?

alexanderalvarado · 167d ago

Hey! Thank you for the response. Not sure what you mean with level of focus. Can you please clarify that part?

Klog · 167d ago

Sure! Basically, the beauty of the office is that I sit across from my coworker. I can see when they have their headphones on and are focused. I have the contextual information of the room around them and see when they get up or move around or switch to the next task. You lose that with remote work. You don't have visual context, which is why meetings so often feel like an intrusion. Does that make sense?

alexanderalvarado · 167d ago

Oh yeah! That makes total sense. We’re mainly working with remote individuals who don’t have an office and live in remote-friendly cities. Usually these people work from various coffee shops and do other activities. So they move around a lot. One way that we could solve the problem you mentioned could be done with geolocation or some other tech that tracks the user’s movement when they’re not at home and notify users when they’re near them. Could this help in solving that issue?

Klog · 167d ago

The closest I've seen to a company solving this is the YC company Sidekick. It's an always-on tablet that shows your team. There are disadvantages to it, but seems effective.

It may not be easily solvable and too intrusive. But maybe an intuitive "current status" system where you're analyzing the site that their on, whether or not something is being played (e.g. a video) or if they're typing. If they're on email, far more likely that they can be diverted. VS if they're typing in VSCode, probably not. Idk...

Maybe the answer w computers is default audio on all the time. And video optional.

arthtyagi · 170d ago
Open to feedback.

JayLewis · 168d ago

This seems cool. How's waitlisting going? What's the plan to get folks on board?

Solid landing page, although more and more I'm seeing these classic template illustrations. I'd recommend pursuing a more unique style to your graphics.

jeremyravenel · 171d ago is an opensource cloud engine to access data, automation and AI easily with notebooks templates. Thanks a lot for your help !

JayLewis · 168d ago

This is a really clear landing page. Well done!

I don't *fully understand the description you wrote above, though. I wonder if there's an even simpler way to describe it.

joannecooper · 171d ago
Am currently busy with a soft launch and would love to hear what you think .

jeremyravenel · 171d ago

Very cool project. I love music related projects :) I guess the title is a bit long
, maybe try to be more on the pain point you try to solve ? Idea : « an assistant to really sync with the guitar songs your learn » or « learn guitar songs better by syncing your voice and music to the chords » ? Hope it helps

zainzaidi · 172d ago open to any and all feedback. Thank you!

jackson · 171d ago

I'm curious more high-level - how do you currently think about your product being built on the blockchain from a marketing perspective? Do you think it should be emphasized or de-emphasized? It sits right in the middle right, sort of a neutral stance - is that the right approach?

Overall, great site though and pretty clear. Demo vids always give a kick to new companies / software.

kwakutabiri · 174d ago

Yay! Great idea
Hit us with your best shot

sole-fields · 173d ago

Cool. Good spacing and solid, understandable copy. Mostly just nits for you --

- "Order, Request and Send" -- What is "request" in this trio?
- I wonder if you can build something out where someone types in their phone number and is immediately texted relevant info about Swoove. That'd be pretty nifty and fun as a customer.
- Your logo has two things going on with it that I don't love. The letter are thin. Could be my own aesthetic preference, but I think logistics companies benefit from robust lettering. Also not sure what the little bookmark on top of the infinite loop is. What is it? Doesn't seem super relevant?
- What's a "logistics service aggregator"? What about something more simple like "Ghanian delivery service"?
- Your top header bar is the least compelling bit of the site. The font is different and a bit bland for those tab headers and your logo is offset in a weird way because it has that little top hat. These are small differences that, sewn up, can make a big subconscious difference!

Good work!

kwakutabiri · 172d ago

Thanks for the feedback, I think the copy at the top could do with an update as well.
"Ghanaian delivery service" sounds a lot better, I'll replace it with something similar

The logo though :sweat:
To be honest, it makes me nervous sometimes too
We're considering a rebrand (maybe), but we're focused by other things right now

How would you recommend we improve the logo?

sole-fields · 172d ago

Good question! I think a great start would just be removing that bookmark from the top. You're also early enough in your company that it shouldn't have any material difference on your business to change something small like that.

If you do end up changing it, put a post here! Would love to check it out and follow along. · 173d ago

Great page. I got the message quickly about what you are trying to solve. You could mention the alternatives or lack there of to.

Where you mention it is currently limited to Ghana - you could leave an email box for (If you are based outside of Ghana and would like to learn about future growth - get in touch!) or something. Just a thought. Great work.

sole-fields · 173d ago

Love the box idea.

griffinli · 172d ago


kwakutabiri · 172d ago

I love the idea of the future growth box as well. Solid!

hugomontenegro · 167d ago

Could i get some feedback from you lovely pioneers?

manojranaweera · 171d ago Free talent (volunteers) for tech startups

Until we reach 1000 volunteers (currently at 619), our sole focus is on the volunteer end of the two-sided marketplace. To achieve this, the home page is fine-tuned for volunteer sign-up. Love to hear your feedback.

ptmn · 172d ago

I am thinking about changing landing page -- however, here is it

alexanderlarge · 173d ago

Quick draft I made in SquareSpace

Any feedback very welcome!!

sole-fields · 173d ago

Nice! Good share. I'd recommend staying away from impossible statements like this: "Empowering people to remember 100% of what they learn."

One thing I don't immediately understand is the how of what you're building. Is it a new technique? New tech? Better teachers? Ah... after I scroll, I learn it's tutoring. But not immediately evident, you could make that more instantly clear.

I'd honestly just remove all of the text and write in big bold letters: "We teach you how to learn."

Then a portion directly below that compares (simply) your methods vs the typical school methods.

At the very least, I'd put this bit:

We spend over a decade of our life in education, yet.... etc.

in the about section of the site, as opposed to up front.

John · 172d ago

Agree w/ sole-fields.

I would move the "A 4-Lesson Zoom-Based Tutor Programme for £100" to the top so I don't have to scroll down to see it.

Also, might be useful to back up your claims by including a) a very short 1 liner about your background/why you're qualified, or b) social proof (# of satistfied customers, user testimonial w/ real names) & make that prominent on the landing page too

alexanderlarge · 169d ago

Thanks so much for the feedback! I moved the section to the top as recommended, really good idea. Will be adding a testimonial bit at a later date too, cheers!

alexanderlarge · 169d ago

Thanks so much for this! I've enacted some of your recommendations (like moving the key stuff to the very top) and made a note to do some others at a later date. Really appreciate the help!

jeremybell · 174d ago

What do y'all think? Would love input on the video that's included on the page as well! · 173d ago

Really aesthetic landing page. I am excited by the product - but I need to know the key differences with my current calendar sooner and maybe without watching the demo. Even if there are just one or two specific differences spelled out I would probably leave email.

griffinli · 174d ago

I'd love some feedback on our landing page:

Sal · 173d ago

Hey! Nice. Would you explain how exactly Circle chatbot is an improvement on other chatbots? Is it the same thing, but better? Or is there a differentiating factor?

griffinli · 172d ago

Hi, it's different since it's based on community discussion forums, which lets it solve more difficult tech problems and give more accurate solutions. Other bots have hand-coded answers, which don't scale to the millions of possible tech problems, or fetch information from a helpdesk like Zendesk which is essentially just being a search engine.

Sal · 172d ago

Interesting. Lots of chatbots use machine learning today. Does yours? If not, I'm not sure how you'll be able to compete!

griffinli · 171d ago

Yes, we use machine learning to determine what each post in a forum is talking about and based on that we find the best solution. We're working on using machine learning in the conversation with the user to figure out what information about the tech problem they didn't give (eg. software version or device type) and then ask for it.

Sal · 171d ago

Oh that's cool. Nice.

A small way to crisp up the copy: "Our chatbot analyzes the Internet to give you solutions that work" (i.e. don't remove yourself from the bot, which you're currently doing – it's yours!) :)

kendsouza · 174d ago

We are in management solutions for non-profit organizations.
RunPTO ( is for Parent Teacher Organizations
RunHOA( is for Home Owner Associations

Appreciate your feedback.

sole-fields · 173d ago

- The color of the header bar links are not uniform. Is that intentional?
- I don't find that the stock photo of the woman really illustrates the product? Could be wrong there. I have a preference for less on the screen, so those pixels are a lot. My mind is split looking at the picture and the title. Plus those buttons. Just a lot going on.
- This demo vid is pretty awesome: I'd just embed that directly on the site, maybe.


donaldsonokoye · 174d ago

Where is my landing page

sole-fields · 173d ago

Lots of questions on this one, but here are a few thoughts:

- It looks like a template.
- Why would I input my email? That should be clear.
- I think the most compelling copy in your header is "Detect faults in cars, bikes, trucks" -- if you add on to that "with computer vision" for example, that would be compelling and make sense. As it is, not sure how you accomplish the detection, which seems like an important clarification.
- Aesthetics: that massive whitespace at the top of the home page ++ the overlapping email input + tagline + image is disconcerting. Separate all of those elements and give them their own space. Each plays an important role (description of what you do, visual description of what you do, and the chance for the visitor to connect).

Good stuff! Am curious to hear what others think.

John · 172d ago

1) Would a demo be useful? So users can understand more tangibly what the product is
2) The "detect faults in caras, bikes, trucks" copy is hard to read since the colors are clashing w/ the illustration in the background (to see what I mean:; making the font size larger might be useful too

braddwyer · 174d ago
sole-fields · 173d ago

It's an excellent landing page. One thing I may be missing is the sense that I could click a button and suddenly be flung into a project.

Since at least part of your target market seems to be people just getting started in computer vision, I do wonder if you could create a rite of passage example video for CV projects, similar to what Blender Guru does with his donut tutorial: Or maybe some Replit IDE equivalent?

Main goal being to really throw the visitor into the thing. Awesome stuff, though. Great visuals and clear proposition.

akk · 170d ago

The landing page looks great. I feel like there might be a bit of drop after people click on "Live demo" and then they see a form to fill out. It would be helpful to have a video like below that is interactive and engages with your users. Based on our experiment we found that interactive videos got our customers 25% more sign-ups!

Getting Started With Roboflow
10:01 | 8 chapters

braddwyer · 166d ago

Thanks, that's pretty neat!

Btw are you from Iowa too?

akk · 166d ago

Thanks :-) Yes, I am from Des Moines, IA

braddwyer · 166d ago

Nice! Us too. We should do a Pioneer meetup sometime.

akk · 166d ago

I am up for it! You can text me at (412)-961-6436 · 174d ago

i'd love some feedback on our landing page, based on the criteria from the original post:

braddwyer · 174d ago

Here’s what’s above the fold for me:

It’s not clear what this is or what I’d be buying if I clicked the “Buy Now” button. Looks like there’s some text getting cut off at the top that’d maybe fix this.

If I had to guess what it is from the name: maybe a tech conference in Eastern Europe. Or an industry trade group in Romania.

Scrolling down it looks pretty clear that it’s an event.

The list of speakers is really long. Impressive, but long. There might be a better way to have the same effect without making people scroll so much to get past it.

The events don’t say where they are located (or call out that they’re virtual-only if that’s the case).

I think it’s a huge plus point that it’s been going on for 7 years; was wondering as I scrolled through the speakers but didn’t see it until all the years were listed at the bottom.

Overall really good. Could definitely use a one liner to put people’s minds into the right frame of reference.