Experience with uFounders?
Shared by lisaglimvikgarcia · 30d ago · 9 comments

Anyone here that has experience with uFounders? Our project is being reviewed by them today and I’d love to hear from others that have worked with them.

beyondappearance · 25d ago

I saw that on the wevsite you can choose different countries. Of course, every country has different laws. How does UFonders handle this?

ciprianrotopanescu · 26d ago

It looks interesting, I have signed up with them as well , looking to hear from them

lisaglimvikgarcia · 26d ago

I hope it goes really well!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 28d ago

From a brief look, they don't seem to have any great success stories in the three founders they chose to highlight. It seems more scam than value.

How much are they charging?

How much funding is available for the 10% of equity We only enter the equity of the company if we close the investment round, so we operate on a success basis.

user_1234 · 26d ago

I wanted to msg you. But I can't find your email. What is your email

lisaglimvikgarcia · 26d ago

Hi, is it my email you are looking for? If so it’s lisa@equiforall.com

lisaglimvikgarcia · 28d ago

Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer. They charge 900€ and give you 48hrs to accept the “offer”. The process was way too quick for being something serious. Unfortunately. Too good to be true ;) decided to turn it down and continue looking.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 28d ago

Yeah, when someone pressures the close when you are paying, it's a scam. Good decision!