Latest tech stack for Market Place tech startups
Shared by manojranaweera · 14d ago · 6 comments

I want to start thinking about building a proper product in Year 3, which is fast approaching.

If you are building a marketplace, what tech stack would you choose and why?

I am looking for the most cutting edge vs practical but trying to get away from PHP which I have used since 2007.

Update (context): already has over 2000 users. It's built on WordPress and I am thinking of replacing it with proper tech.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 14d ago

I'd do some modeling first as to how big you think it can realistically grow and particularly, depending on what's on there, what file hosting is required. For modelling this kind of what-if? scenario, I'm a big fan of as it makes it trivial to work in ranges and probabilities.

I have to stand up a marketplace for Touchgram which has the added complexity of needing API access into it from inside the app, so have been thinking about this for a while. Although low/nocode solutions are popular, many of them have savage cost curves with scale, API access or data volumes.

So, currently I can offer perspective but no real answers ;-)

manojranaweera · 14d ago

Thanks Andy.

I don't plan to do any what-if type scenarios. My plan is to grow the volunteer side 10x every year to get to 1 million as quickly as possible. And then do the same on demand side.

In terms of the tech stack, I want to pick the best with an Exit in mind. I got screwed last time and I don't want to repeat the same. I do want to add some AI, etc.

Not touching nocode as that has very little value to an acquirer.

I'm keeping things as simple as possible. But good to hear about your own road map thoughts. All the best.

PS: Just went past 2,000th earlier today and right now 2,028. If you want to leverage what's working for us for you, you know what to do! Catch you soon.

ArchStaton · 14d ago

In terms of stability, I would go with JAVA for backend and Angular for frontend. You can find good developers with lower rates for both JAVA and Angular easily. However, before hiring a single developer, I strongly recommend working with a Software Architect who is an expert in DDD and OOP. You first make your blueprint with flexibility in mind with him, and then you can hire the engineers for the building/developing part.

There is also JAMStack (JavaScript APIs Markup) available. This option could be the cheapest and fastest way to get your app to the market. However, with one caveat in mind once your app gets popular (usage increases) it might become costly in terms of infrastructure spending compared to the other options.

Another tech stack is Ruby on Rails and React, which is a bit posh :). This stack is mostly used by the elite SV startups. This one chosen by the most gentle and delicate engineers out there.

For the cutting edge, I would suggest C/C++ into WebAssembly + Serverless compute. But this one would be an overkill for your app. :) Ahaha

PHP also works. IMHO, this is the bulliest way to develop an app. :) Ahaha

Don't overthink any of these, just get to the market fast and beguile your customers with your product so that they subconsciously become your slave (in a good sense). And hold it like that while you still make a gargantuan amount of money over their pain (in a strongly good sense). A bit of an encouraging line for you :) Ahaha

All the Best!

manojranaweera · 14d ago

Just on the stack side. I will be avoiding these: PHP (done since 2008), Ruby on Rails (nightmare to find developers), Java (never liked it - don't think we need such), C/C+

Most likely Javascript mixture with MySQL or nosql. Thanks for the suggestions nevertheless.

manojranaweera · 14d ago

Thanks Sayid,

Added bit of context. already has over 2000 users. It's built on WordPress and I am thinking of replacing it with proper tech.

Chichi_Arinze · 13d ago

Nice work. I am about to launch my automobile tech startup using wordpress.