Saas Question: How does Slack allow one email for multiple accounts / views
Shared by cassandracadorin · 146d ago · 4 comments

Any ideas on how to set up Wordpress to allow a user be a "client" AND a paid subscriber"

For example: Clients are given access to our platform, so they can check work and make requests etc

If a client wants to become a paying subscriber, what do I need to do / how do I allow the site to accept 1 email but for different user levels?

Slack, does this really well.

manojranaweera · 138d ago

Are you not using WooCommerce?

Starrrr · 143d ago

Maybe you can try the plugin: AAM

cassandracadorin · 146d ago

Note : I have tried the WP plugin. but the issue is if someone forgets the password and does a passport reset it goes to the first account created.

gauravnagani · 137d ago

You can set a unique ID for each client when they register and when they request password reset you can ask them to provide unique id and email address to reset. when they submit you can validate both fields and send password reset link to correct account.