Any suggestions to make sure we do not miss our first year target?
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We were on target to reach 1000 volunteers by 26th July 2021.

In order to achieve this, we had to sign the 600th volunteer by 31st May. We missed this target by 50.

Our monthly growth rate was negative last month (103 new volunteers in May compared to 121 new volunteers in April).

At this rate, we are going to miss our first-year target by miles. We still have almost two months and keen to hear whether any of you have new ideas we have not tried out.

Thank you in advance.

sole-fields · 17d ago

Just seems like a tough sell!

But probably get a big directory of schools in your area, and focus on HS students. You can do that pretty cheaply via upwork and a list of school sites.

manojranaweera · 17d ago

Thanks. I like taking on tough tasks. We are not targeting school kids. 18+. So Universities and Bootcamps are ideal for us.

tejpalvirdi-2 · 14d ago

Social media is the best way to reach that audience in a convincing and fun way. Have you developed a TikTok yet? If you want some advice on influencer marketing, I'd be happy to help (

manojranaweera · 14d ago

oh man! you are using the same template at mine - will change the first image.

Thanks. Will check you out.

manojranaweera · 16d ago

Day 2 of our new partnership - 3 joined. Remain optimistic!

Slouischarles · 15d ago

"Practice what you have learned and gain real experiences" I think you might want to try a better message/value proposition like "Get real experience to add to your resume/github". Also, try to simplify your website. Seems a bit cluttered to me.

manojranaweera · 15d ago

Good suggestion. Thanks. Good to see the analogy to GitHub. We are not just for developers. All sorts from accountancy to marketing to insurance advice (bit odd, I know).

Slouischarles · 15d ago

it's not odd but might be too widespread at the start. Who do you think needs this most? Maybe marketing? That's broad but still focused and it's a bit harder to gain experience. It might be easier to get traction having a site that says "gain marketing experience for your resume to land your next job" before you move to the next vertical.

manojranaweera · 15d ago

We started with "aspiring data scientists" but sadly, most of our companies were not ready to take on data scientists.

We would hit the same problem if we target a specific discipline. We need to continue to the path we are on.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 14d ago

We would hit the same problem if we target a specific discipline. We need to continue to the path we are on.

Are you basing that decision on one targeting failure?

Have you asked which short-term roles they want filling?

There's no FAQ on the site and no way to answer what would be my first question as a volunteer - "how much time do I have to commit?"

manojranaweera · 8d ago

We speak to our customers all the time. Their needs are diverse, i.e. from marketing to product development.

But my single goal remains to get to 1000 volunteer sign-ups. It's to prove to myself, that it's worth pursuing this venture forward.

manojranaweera · 8d ago

Hi Andy

Took your suggestions. Added few FAQs to the bottom of the home page for Volunteers

Do let me know anything else we should add there. Thanks for the suggestion.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 8d ago

Good content in the FAQ but the contrast needs increasing - at 1.99 it gets a Fail from (my favorite Mac menubar-resident checker)

manojranaweera · 8d ago

Thanks Andy. For some weird reason, I cannot get rid of some of the stuff on the home page. I will try harder.

My single teammate has been crying out for months asking for FAQs, etc. He actually has sent me a better list of questions than what I added yesterday.

Will take another stab at this later. Thanks for forcing (gentle pressure works) me to implement FAQs.

Sounds like I got a long way to go to learn about design. My latest is rebuilding the Techcelerate website - finally, the home page is almost where I want it to be.

manojranaweera · 8d ago

Think I fixed the contrast issue. Thanks Andy.

manojranaweera · 15d ago

Hi Slouis (assume this is your name, if not apologies)

Changed the home page a bit taking your feedback into consideration. Thanks.

Volunteer numbers are up to 567.

Slouischarles · 15d ago

Name's Sherad. Much better. I think every single company needs a marketer. Plus there's SEO, Social, Copy, Email, CRO, etc within it. Personally, I would start there and perfect the website, onboarding, processes, pricing etc. Good luck!!!

manojranaweera · 15d ago

Thank you Sherad. And good luck with your business as well. What's the URL by the way?

Slouischarles · 15d ago

I don't have anything up yet. Soon!!!