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Project description:
A Chrome extension that allows a user to record a series of actions in a browser and send them to another user to be executed in their browser. E.g. User #1 opens Google Docs, writes a sentence and then highlights it in bold. This series of actions can then be "replayed" in User #2's browser. Users should be able to pause, rewind and slow down the series of events.

This should be useful for people making tutorials - instead of only recording a video, they can actually have an interactive tutorial executing on someone else's browser.

Team members:
- Emile Paffard-Wray

Git repo:

emilepw · 647d ago

Thanks for the feedback people! I'm afraid I ended up going to sleep because I was already pretty tired from the day before and couldn't keep going til 3AM UK time to get the project done. The encouragement here makes me want to finish this off though and I'll add a link if Pioneer keeps this page open.

macket · 647d ago

Wow! Nice! I thought about it. See Solver project, i think that your ideas are complimentary

furiosa-854056 · 647d ago

Nice! This will surely help with my support issues!

neville-734828 · 647d ago

Superb. Will be trying the demo later.

Brickenator · 647d ago

This would help to communicate with my parents a ton, especially if there was a mac app. Where is the demo tho?

miguelrochefort · 647d ago

This is amazing. I wonder how well it generalizes across different browsers and sessions.

nmtan · 647d ago

This is super cool, is there a link to your site I can have? · 647d ago

Great idea, it can be very helpful especially for customer support services and educational purposes.

sethguy · 647d ago

this is exactly what i need when trying to help people set up their payment gateways

justinwei · 647d ago

Super cool idea! No code in the github as of now so curious to see how you implement. Would also be worth it to list out possible security vulnerabilities with this (maybe out of scope of this hackathon) :-)

pr · 647d ago

Fascinating idea!

rishi · 647d ago

Love the idea of having more interactivity in tutorials. One question you may want to preempt with this particular approach: "Doesn't a lot of the learning during a tutorial happening from people actually typing the words themselves?"

Look forward to the demo!