log.land lets your learning thrive.
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log.land is a social playground to document and share your learning journey. Join your fellow internet nerds in their adventures -- be it around bitcoin, coronavirus vaccines or studying growth marketing.

Ther's no need to juggle a thousand Notion pages or navigate through personal blogs. Find everything in one social space.

What can you do with log.land?

- Organize links you go through under different 'branches'.
- Share your learning path (and streak!) with the world.
- Explore what everyone else around the world is learning.

Team Members:

Demo : https://www.loom.com/share/061637855af54da6a2128ff014ba3a36

trentonbricken · 898d ago

Would be cool to integrate with GoodReads!

krishan711 · 898d ago

Very interesting! always a challenge to get your friends into using new platforms so curious what you think the "friends-ptich" would be?

gandalf-999529 · 898d ago

Aweeesome idea, looking forward to actually start using it

dumbledore-576237 · 898d ago

seems interesting

princess-leia-531009 · 898d ago

It's interesting to see the "log" theme. I'm wondering where it came from. Is this different from other social media in some way?

frankmoshe · 898d ago

I liked the idea, mainly the sharing option. Keep working!