Application deadline extended for Sputnik ATX accelerator program
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Hi everyone! Last year we had a great experience at Sputnik ATX startup accelerator, with funding, great introductions, PR, and mentorship.

The applications for the next cohort got extended, and they're looking for next unicorns to join the accelerator program.

All you need to do is submit your application by July 3rd for 100K+ funding, 13 weeks of intensive curriculum focused on how to sell, gain traction, and more.

More info:

kinder · 150d ago

$100k at the start + up to $400k option if you show growth. they also often re-invest in the following rounds too

How much equity usually asks for $400k? · 150d ago

that will depend on your valuation, growth, and other investors in the round · 152d ago

How much cash do they give you? · 151d ago

$100k at the start + up to $400k option if you show growth. they also often re-invest in the following rounds too · 150d ago

Can u connect me with them, I have a couple questions · 150d ago


oras · 152d ago

If selected, you will be required to reside in Austin, TX for the duration of the program.

I was hoping for a remote one :) but thanks for sharing! · 151d ago

Yes, they prefer if you plan to be based in Austin. But at the same time, there are many companies in their most recent cohorts that haven't made it to Texas, and some even to US, yet. So if you're open for expanding into the US, still a good opportunity. And your tool is so cool, they will definitely be interested :)

manojranaweera · 152d ago

With a name like Sputnik, I thought it would be in Russia. · 152d ago

Well, one of the partners is originally from Ukraine, but that doesn't have much impact on the accelerator operations. The accelerator is based and focused on Texas and the US, and is great if you're looking for funding, growth, and/or introductions to partners and investors. Their post-program support is amazing too :) · 151d ago

Can a startup in Africa join sputnik? · 151d ago

CribMD went through their accelerator (Nigeria) and got seed funding already at the demo day! In my cohort we also had a startup from Bangladesh. If you're abroad now, it's fine as long as you're open for relocating and moving your startup to Texas. · 151d ago