Introducing the Pioneer Codex
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Take a peek at the collection of resources we put together for founders, answering specific common questions from Idea to Seed!


We're also live on PH!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 360d ago

Codex has links that say "(video - restricted to Pioneers)" but they are to a Google Drive. How are we supposed to establish credentials for those?

jackson · 359d ago

Hey Andy! Those videos are watchable by folks who've been selected as Pioneers. Should we change up that language?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 359d ago

Being a "Pioneer" is kinda obvious now you point it out.

However, the Codex is very public, having gone live on Product Hunt, so at first glance I'd thought that those were resources for those of us in the Pioneer program even though not having yet made it as "Pioneers".

jackson · 359d ago

Ah I see, yep that makes sense. May workshop that. Ty!

Gabi · 356d ago

Also had the same thoughts as Andy. Thought being part of programme gets you access to that/ thought was motivation/Perl for joining/ being I’m the programme?

Maybe you get to eat access if you’ve done 12 week streak?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 356d ago

I've been here a lot longer than 12 weeks - status is very binary - either a Pioneer or we're not. Being in the Top 100 (used to) get you a video call with some peers once a week.

saikambampati · 360d ago

This is awesome! Answers so many questions I’ve had for a long time! · 360d ago

This quote here will send you on a wild goose chase:

Do not commit to an idea full-time simply because you "find yourself thinking about it in the shower", seriously. · 299d ago

Hi team, any news on how non-Pioneers can also access some of those videos? It would be great if you can find a system to share it with others that would benefit or be inspired from that knowledge.

KaylaBens · 358d ago

This is great. Finding this page particularly valuable:

Wasn't clear to me before the role and incentives of VCs. Kudos team!