I think getting software across different operating systems should be normalized
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In my opinion, the way users get, and developers distribute, software across different operating systems defines how the platforms cooperate with each other.

From my point of view, if we normalize it, i.e. enable users with any operating system to use the same platform for discovering, buying and installing software, we will blur the line between operating systems and create one, general environment, where operating systems are just interfaces defining how we feel it and not whether we can even be part of it.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 181d ago

This reads as an incredibly ignorant opinion - what are your technical credentials?

It's a bit like the people saying NFTs will magically enable sharing of game assets across games, without any consideration of the vast difficulties of porting them.

In my 40 year career, probably at least 15 solid years has been spent either on software portability tech or porting apps eg between Mac and Windows. I know how hard the myriad details are from the inside and so, for the sake of non-tech founders, will challenge any opinions that seem mere wishful thinking as does this.

Raubo · 177d ago

Well, did not encounter any opinion like this, but this is definitely not like the people talking about NFTs.
Here, I am not writing about porting any software, I am writing about creating a general space with software already available for several operating systems. I suggest that having a single place, where you can find software regardless of using OS, the line between different ones would be blurred. That is the point.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 177d ago

Sorry that my tone was more aggressive than normal, am going through some very hard personal things. This is a reminder I need to be careful about posting.

The line operating systems are just interfaces made me think you were talking about porting and also the comment by @joshbrill.

As I see @Masa has now said, there's no reason for the app suppliers to collaborate in this, no advantage to them. So I'm puzzled as to how you would see this working.

Again, my apologies, I'm not usually such an asshole.

joshbrill · 183d ago

What I think would be better (but harder to pull off) is an OS-agnostic, ISA-agnostic compatibility layer to run on top of your OS. Very unlikely to happen though.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 181d ago

You only need to pull off an OS-agnostic layer on top of N-1 OS, if you start with that layer being compatible with one of the candidates.

At the recompiing-source level, that's the approach I've taken many times to porting code between Mac and Windows.

kendsouza · 183d ago

Have you heard of something called the 'cloud'?:)

Masa · 183d ago

"Cloud" doesn't matter about this topic.
He mentions about marketplace of applications, not storage.

kendsouza · 183d ago

Then have you heard of something called 'cloud applications'?:)

kendsouza · 183d ago

By the way I should know...RunPTO is a cloud application..you can subscribe to it and access it from any device or OS.. so is Zoom, Salesforce, Amazon, MS Office, Google Workspace etc and millions of other applications.
Not sure what you guys are talking about.

Raubo · 177d ago

We do not talk about the way apps work. We talk about the way we find, buy, download and, in case of the web apps you mentioned, open, them.

In the post above I suggest that if we will create a general space with software, where, regardless of using operating system, you can enter and find software that works on all desired OSes you use, then operating systems will become just interfaces of one, single, open cyber world. And this is so because now, with separate stores for each operating system, they are separate worlds themselves.

kendsouza · 176d ago

I think you are totally confused with the concepts and sound naive. Software is broad...app is a type of software. This 'general place' you are referring would still be a app on the cloud which you want as a 'marketplace' for all apps irrespective of the platform. There are several marketplaces or third party stores already out there. Does not mean folks are going to flock to them instead of the apple store or google play. Your store will just be another wannabe.

If I want to download an app on my iphone, I will still go the apple store or google play on android. Why in the world should I visit your 'marketplace' or 'store' which most likely will be riddled with several security issues right out of the gate and as a developer why should I put my app on your store where this so called 'dream marketplace' will still not have the credibility of Apple or Google.

And what is the problem this 'general centralized place' is exactly solving and for whom?? We need 'seperate worlds' so they compete and become better all the time. Nobody wants ios or android to become the sole monopoly.

Masa · 183d ago

App platform players are also competing. So it would not be realized if we like or not.