Early-stage accelerators/incubators
Shared by arthtyagi · 12d ago · 3 comments

Hey, I'm looking for some recommendations for early-stage incubators and accelerators that provide perks and benefits (and funds in the case of accelerators) in exchange for equity.

I'm looking for some less obvious recommendations.

Sendoff · 10d ago

might help to knwo what you've already looked at, why non obvious and more detail about your company and industry

manojranaweera · 10d ago

Where are you based? I run https://techcelerate.ventures for UK Tech Founders. We are not an accelerator nor an incubator. We are a trusted founder network. Got some perks.

usmanmasood · 11d ago

I am also finding incubators and accelerators but most of them have hefty charges to join the program and they also take equity. In my case, I joined a free incubator at my university but it's more like classroom...