Looking for feedback on Highavenue.co's pitch deck
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Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to review the deck. Means the world to us.

Some Self Roast
1. Theming & Color choices are bad - I'm working on it.
2. Not proud of the market size slide. It's kinda lame I think.
3. Customer acquisition slides - seems too wordy.
4. Technology slide is missing - Have to add that.

Be honest & tough. Ask any number of questions. :)

- Pradeep

sole-fields · 522d ago

Awesome! Overall, solid. Too many slides, too many words, awkward background colors. There's strength in the current product and traction.

Slides that added value for me: Slide 1, 2, 3, 6, maybe 10?, 11, 13, 14, keep 17 as appendix, 18-20 not really could combine into one slide if needed at all, some version of 23 though the current form needs an aesthetic upgrade, 24, combine 25 + 27.

» I'm fairly familiar with the 3D space so this is interesting. I think you actually underemphasis the difficulty of creating something in 3D today. A 90m films takes 3 years and many artists (like 30 - 200, depending on the studio) to create. A simple 10s clip takes weeks, especially if building models from scratch. And that's if you're paying a professional or dedicated hobbyist. Learn Blender or Maya yourself? Forget it. Literally no one does that, it's not a thing; takes most people years to become fluent in these tools.

» For that problem slide, consider removing "alienistic." Not a common word. Go simpler: "3D tools are inaccessible to consumers. [All we have is Animoji.]" Or something along those lines. Or with different subject "The average consumer has no way to create 3D animated scenes." Your current problem statement line lacks punch, even though the content is there.

» Could include Apple's acquisition of IKinema as market validation? + Apple's use of Memoji and Animoji.

» I like the orange color one title slide the most. I'd honestly stick with one color throughout, although I know I may be alone in that opinion. At least switch up that slide 2 pink, feels bland/Windows 98.

» What I really wanted when looking at slide 3 was animation! Videos! Wonder if a solution here is to break slide 3 up into 3 separates slides, where each successive slide adds a step of the process, animates that new step and freezes the past step? That'd be fun and engaging.

» Probably get rid of those black footer comments in the initial slides? They don't add any value for me. If it's important, give it a slide. If not, eliminate.

» slide 4 is interesting. You're basically positing "Do people need this?" ..... [no data] ... "Yes!" That slide would be 100x more effective if you substitute those 4 statements with a single stat that actually proves a need for this product. Unfortunately I don't have one on hand, but something like "XX number of users are using [relevant platform]". Like show me that "Everyone" does actually love animation.

» Ahh!! See, there it is. The TikTok slide with #animation is literally all you need to put on slide 4. That's your answer to the question of "Do they need/want it? Is there a market?"

» Slide 5 seems irrelevant. Didn't add anything for me.

» Slide 9 is a repeat slide? Not getting any new information.

» Slide 10, substantiate these? And what's that top right vague "You know better than us"? Feels like a throw-in.

» Slide 12, if you want to do a competition slide, use a Gartner graph of 4 quadrants and make Highavenue most up and to the right. Not compelling as is, too list-y.

» Slide 15 what's going on with these background colors?? Bad purple, no cohesion from slide 1 to 15.

» Skimmed the rest. The last 3 slides could be one slide. Remove what you're going to use the funds for. Everyone knows it'll go into growth and product.

» Slide 24 We "*aren't*" or we "*are*" misfits? Investors generally like misfits, actually. To dominate in any market, you need to be different.

I have more thoughts, but these are the quick hitters in a half hour! I genuinely think you can make this 10-12 slides. If you do, it'll be quite strong. Nobody reads meaningfully beyond that point, anyway. If you're super keen to include something like the Customer Acquisition Trilogy, just throw it in an appendix. It's too specific as is for the main presentation.

Hope that's all helpful. Simplify. Cheers!

Sal · 521d ago

He strikes again lol love this guy

Pradeep · 507d ago

Can't thank you enough for this. Really sorry for the later reply. I'm still working on the deck - there has been a lot going on. :)

For now, I've reduced the number of slides and content inside it. With a few more iterations, I'm sure I can ace it ;)

Owe you big time.

v3.0: https://www.figma.com/proto/k2pXcIwkaXfxDIzguMOmpN/Highavenue-Pitch-Deck-v3.0?node-id=0%3A3&scaling=scale-down

sole-fields · 507d ago

Awesome! Nice improvements.

Pradeep · 506d ago

more to go through :D

andrew-miit.co · 523d ago

Hey Pradeep, least I could do is return the favor. Here goes:

Problem slide: 1. Creating 3D animations has been impossible for most consumers, 2. Needs big expensive tools. 3. That take a long time to learn and use.

Solution slide: Have an abstract solution slide before product eg: A mobile app that is easy to use, fast to lean, accessible for everyone.

Product: step by step is nice

Need & opportunity & consumption slides: I think you can replace these three with one market adoption slide ie what are people already using to solve the problem (and how many are using those solutions) this will establish that there is a need rather than just you telling us.

Vision: put this on your front page

Comparison slide: probably not needed with the others

Current state: might be better for a follow up meeting rather than the pitch deck

Market: good

Perspective: again maybe better for a follow up because of the amount of detail

Competition: good (you're right about Snap)

Traction: good

Small wins: probably not needed in the pitch (we took out our press slide for the same reason)

People are talking about us: as above

Revenue model: good

Customer acquisition, creator strategy & target customer: these are good but try to simplify them down into two or three go to market slides if possible and save the finer detail for the follow up meeting

Stage & story: probably more detail than is needed. I think you could just add "bootstrapped" to the team page

Team: Good

Ask: Say what you're asking for ($150k) and what you will use it for (hiring, marketing etc). Say how long it will last (eg 12 months of runway) but don't say for a specific % (i.e. setting your own valuation). Leave that for the negotiating stage.

Overall I'd try and stick to a three or max four color scheme (the orange on the first slide is nice) and get the number of slides down to 12-15 for a first deck.

For help with formatting check out slidebean.com, just know you'll have to pay for a year if you want to share it. Otherwise Google slides has some nice templates.

Good luck!

Pradeep · 507d ago

Andrew! you are fantastic :)

As mentioned in the above comments:
I'm still working on the deck - there has been a lot going on. :) For now, I've reduced the number of slides and content inside it. With a few more iterations - I can get this done perfectly. :D

Still haven't touched the theme part of it. ;)

v3.0: https://www.figma.com/proto/k2pXcIwkaXfxDIzguMOmpN/Highavenue-Pitch-Deck-v3.0?node-id=0%3A3&scaling=scale-down

andrew-miit.co · 506d ago

Great job Pradeep, keep it up. From my experience a lot of people don't read past slide 10-12 so aim for that range.

FYI we also secured our first investor meeting this largely due to our improved deck which is thanks to feedback from yourself and others. Looking forward to seeing more success for Highavenue too!

Pradeep · 506d ago

Yea! I'm trying to minimize it more. :)

Fantastic to know.. I'm sure you will be successful with the fundraising. :D

AndyDent-Touchgram · 522d ago

I really loved the video the Flow guys created to show their problem and solution https://vimeo.com/235029052

(I still think calling the product Flow was a stupid branding move but awesome product besides that.)

Sal · 521d ago

This video is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 522d ago

The 3D ghost is one of the greatest cheeky, product-defining moves I've seen.

Random thought (creatively enhanced by the two glasses of port taken to try to sleep a few hours before my own, 5am, pitch)

Can you get enough photos of potential investors to model them?

If so, can you show them doing a "happy I invested in Highavenue" dance?

Pradeep · 507d ago

That's a cool idea. ;) Let me see if I can add something like that :D

manishkumarjha · 523d ago

I loved your slide. It has all the information one would want to know about your project. You could just polish it a little bit more. E.g. use a bigger font size, leave the exposition to yourself as a companion to the deck. Don't put all of it in the deck itself. I'm not a fan of the explanation of your project on the first slide because if I didn't know about what your project was, I'd have to ask more questions to learn about it. Refer to these for a better idea on how to make decks : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTgU7THoKCw , https://www.ycombinator.com/library/4T-how-to-design-a-better-pitch-deck , YC has a lot of material on pitch decks, just run a google search for YC Pitch deck and you'll find it. Hope this helps.

Pradeep · 507d ago

Thank you so much for the comment & the links. :))