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Salon: game-based speed dating experience over video call


Bigger group (but audio is screwed):
Don't watch it if you have not watched the first video!
Consider this as extra footage that lacks a voice over but show that we actually had a lot of fun:

Salon is a game-based speed dating experience over video call

☹ Problem ☹

With online dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, you need to make a big jump from spending just a few minutes texting with someone to a full IRL date that lasts a substantial amount of time.

Ideally, before you commit to a full date, you'd like to be pretty sure the other person is actually a good fit for you, but that is precisely something that isn't possible due to the text medium.

And of course, during this current period of Covid-induced quarantines, there's not even the option to meet for a full IRL date! And the same problem of taking a leap of faith from texting to hours-long Zoom calls persist...

Our Solution — Salon

We believe there should be a fun and exciting middle ground between a few minutes of texting and a full, hours-long 1-on-1 date, and that's why we're building Salon — a 30-mins long game-based speed dating experience over video call.

With Salon, you start off the session in a gender-balanced video chat room of 6-10 people. Salon starts everyone off with some thought-provoking questions and games, and makes sure everyone has a chance to speak.

When this discovery phase is over, we ask every participant to rank potential dates based on how much they want a 1-on-1 with them. We then match people with mutual interest into private video calls, each lasting 5 minutes.

Thought-provoking mini-games

In their private video calls, dates are launched into one of our text-based-games, which include our carefully crafted, personality-revealing games such as Would You Rather and 20 Questions, as well as party classics like Never Have I Ever and Truth or Drink.

At the end of each private video call, dates can press a button if they're interested in a second date. If their partner presses it too, we reveal their mutual interest and exchange Twitter handles! In each evening, there are three rounds of private video calls and at the end of the last one, the Salon closes.

Jay Yeung -
Flo Muller -
Justin Glibert -

Server repo:
Client repo:

Video calls
Reactive State between clients and server
AWS Setup (we develop with live reload in prod)
Waiting room
Group phase
Bipartite matching algorithm for one on ones
One on One rooms
Sharing details if mutual interests

trentonbricken · 814d ago

Just tried this. Was fun!

juliegoat · 814d ago

This is wicked fun!

worldwidekatie · 814d ago

After seeing your demo video I love this idea even more and it's totally something I would use for my online dating needs. It also looks really polished for the amount of time you had. Great work!

williem · 814d ago

Sounds like a great idea and possibility to be the alternative for Tinder. I met my wife through Tinder, Thus I think there is always opportunity for dating app to help the society. Keep up the good work.

stefanontheinternet · 814d ago

Interesting concept.

edwardFeldmann · 815d ago

Sounds like a great idea! I think I understand what you are building, and the need is quite apparent. Can't wait for the demo!

worldwidekatie · 815d ago

That's a really good idea. When I use bumble I always start with the game two truths and a lie because it's such an easy way to weed people out. This is taking that concept to a whole new level! And seems like it would be a more fun dating platform for people to engage with while in quarantine. Endless DMs sounds so terrible I haven't even tried any dating apps while in quarantine.

imbue · 814d ago

I actually really like the idea. Plus would be cheaper than going for coffee dates. Tough part would be making it less “interviewy” that first dates tend to fall in to... maybe you could add a section to get the conversation started?

Doouh · 814d ago

I think that you are experimenting some issues in your page.
I was unable to use this!

john-vandivier · 814d ago

i couldn't get past the initial UI form :( immediate err

I did like the initial UI presentation tho

nell-919336 · 814d ago

wonder how this will turn out.

sunim · 814d ago

Honestly, my vote is for the team and the demo <3

bilbo-baggins-720839 · 814d ago

Cool! It's good to add location of user.

kamesstory · 814d ago

Salon sounds super cool - love the idea! Definitely see the need for a new kind of dating app that is different from the hookup / meet-in-person culture of other apps. Great work!

justinglibert · 814d ago

Update: everything is ready. Looking forward to test with some people from the hack! DM me on Slack (Justin Glibert) to try it with us :)

mudaseriqbal · 814d ago