Recommendations for a "biohacker" to hunt my PH Launch?
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I am looking to launch on Product Hunt in April and am looking for a hunter. Could anyone recommend some people to look into and share some advice on how to get a great response?

Wozi is a plant-based flavor enhancer that makes eating healthy easy. It contains a protein which temporarily makes sour foods taste sweet, reduces their bitterness, and significantly boosts flavor. It allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth in seconds with healthy foods that you may not have otherwise enjoyed. For instance, it makes plain Greek yogurt taste like cheesecake. Add some lemon juice to seltzer for a diet Sprite without any of the bitter/chemical aftertaste of aspartame. It turns bland/unripe fruit into the best fruit you've ever had. Demo:

It is a unique solution with few substitutes to the pain point of having an uncontrollable sweet tooth. Dieters have been using Wozi once or twice a day and have reordered for consecutive months. These people said that my product was much better than something like stevia because 1) You can have dessert in seconds - people don't like that you have to cook/bake with stevia 2) It tastes better and is more fun than stevia 3) It doesn't just sweeten, it brings out the flavor in food. It even makes the mouthfeel of fruit/drinks more rich/creamy instead of watery.

Pradeep · 41d ago
manojranaweera · 41d ago

What does a hunter do? Is this someone with a significant following that anything s/he hunts gets a lot of attention?

manojranaweera · 41d ago

I look pathetic compared to Kevin

1 Made

2,263 HUNTED

Pradeep · 41d ago

- PH removed email notifications when a hunter hunts. So this doesn’t have that much power.
- that said, the notifications inside the platform works.
- regular users of PH follow him and that could be valuable since they all receive notifications when they are on PH.


danielgetman · 41d ago


Could you intro us?

Pradeep · 41d ago

I just filled out the form he has on his website and sent him an email separately. He is a fantastic guy. He will help you out for sure.

I don’t think there would be any power to my intro at the moment. :)

Sorry about that :(

danielgetman · 41d ago

Oh awesome!

KaylaBens · 42d ago

Your site is FUN! That was an A++ product demo, too. Actress or friend? Really good stuff. She was hilarious

danielgetman · 41d ago

Thanks! I'm not great at web design so it means a lot to me that you enjoyed it. Slowly getting better with each revision.

She's an influencer. She did a video for a competitor (similar mechanism but opposite result), I liked it, and reach out. All of my other videos are influencers/friends. All genuine reactions :)

KaylaBens · 40d ago

Nice! Out of curiosity, what does a spot like that cost to get her to do a product demo? Totally fine if you want to keep confidential.

How's conversion once people hit the site?

danielgetman · 40d ago

You can get most microinfluencers (1-20k followers) for free. Expect a 5% cold open rate though. I noticed though that people put 0 effort in when it is free and I wanted a good video for my homepage. She asked $400 for a post and after negotiation she was willing to do $100 for just the video, no post.

Conversions are terrible. My ad has 11% click through rate but 0 conversions:
^this video and all my other videos have been free and 100% genuine

Got any advice where the friction/objections might be? I'm totally lost and FB ads ain't cheap.

KaylaBens · 40d ago

I'd ask if the people who love it already have told their friends about it. Wonder if there's a peer to peer virality element to capture.

KaylaBens · 40d ago

And if they haven't told their friends, what about the product experience would you need to change / improve for them to do so.

danielgetman · 40d ago

Good question. I'll add it to my customer interview sheet.

I've had people ask "wow you lost so much weight" and they'll be like "yeah we tried this product" and then no one cares... people are very flaky. I think COVID also makes things hard because people don't talk/meet as much so chances it will come up in conversation are significantly lowered

KaylaBens · 40d ago

Nice. Indeed, a digitized world. Good luck!

manojranaweera · 41d ago

I've not done anything Product Hunt recently. Love to hear your plan if you wish to share it Daniel. Thanks.

Later on, I want to see whether we can offer this type of especially through volunteers on Let's say someone wants to offer this as a paid service. First, they need to prove they can do this through a portfolio. I think that's where we can come in.

danielgetman · 41d ago

I have some customers who love my product and I'm in a few communities *ahem*. Probably going to send them emails asking for support when I launch. Is there much more to PH than that? I'm a n00b at it. · 41d ago might help

Also @friedberg on Twitter

danielgetman · 41d ago

Thanks! Nice to see you again. You've been incredibly helpful.

JayLewis · 42d ago

What's your marketing strategy been so far? Feels like influencer material, more than PH launch material. Though doing both can't hurt :)

Also what's the state of the product? Stable, reproduce-able, ready for the market? You should just be blasting the world with this thing. Big marketing push all over the place. Fun videos like that product demo.

danielgetman · 41d ago

My biggest win was with Hacker News so I'm feeling optimistic for PH.

I tried a load of Instagram influencers and it was a dud. I realized today that it was likely not the product's fault. I think Instagram is a medium that is good for pictures of self-explanatory products. Mine is not, it is experiential and heavily reliant on video. Youtube is probably ideal and tik tok would be alright. I tried tik tok before, got 40k views but 0 conversions albeit my website was sooooo sketchy at that time. I also have been running FB ads and haven't been able to get them to convert which hurts because they are so damn expensive.

The product is stable, I make it by hand on my own, and people love it! I have customers who are literally addicted - they use it every day. I recently got approached for potential PR on television which would be a GAME CHANGER. Crossing my fingers that there are no issues when they sample it the first time.

JayLewis · 41d ago

On first glance, I think your product is pretty straightforward! Just all how you position it.

You should probably dive back into TIkTok. I know a bunch of brands that are doing really well there as a result of quality videos.

Good luck with the TV spot. Fingers crossed here as well :)

danielgetman · 41d ago

Thanks! Yeah I'm going to give Tik Tok another try but much surprised that the phrase "fundraising is a fulltime job" was not a lie :D

I actually know a guy who created the "tik tok house" so once I have manufacturing I'll hit him up for an intro. I want to make sure I can capture demand otherwise I'm giving free advertising to my competitors. It's already happened before - why wait a month when you can get something tomorrow even if it is worse?

JayLewis · 40d ago

Nice! That's a killer connect.

joyce · 42d ago

Nice, looks fun. I like the IG. Can't help you on the hunter, sorry. That may be a difficult find. However what you could do is scroll through past hunters, contact them and see if they'd be open to it. Once a hunter, always a hunter.

Fromm PH:
From a Pioneer:

danielgetman · 41d ago

Thanks! Should I be emailing them sequentially or in parallel? I don't want to end up with 5 hunters and things getting awkward lol.

joyce · 41d ago

Interest from multiple hunters is a great thing :) Blast em all, I think! But send good emails / messages. Keep it short!

danielgetman · 41d ago

Will do! Thanks